Salt Lake City

More Salt Lake City residents and visitors are taking care of parking tickets online

More than 7,500 people have taken care of parking tickets and other civil citations online since Salt Lake City began offering hearings on the internet a year ago. The Parking and Civil Citation hearing portal was launched on May 8, 2017. Sixty percent of all hearings are now being done online instead of having the person go to a hearing officer at the Salt Lake City and County Building.

The hearing portal is available 24 hours every day and provides a convenient way to dispute a citation. People will not need to worry about driving downtown during business hours or risk getting another parking ticket. The portal even provides a picture of your vehicle when it was cited for a violation.

“Most people report having a positive experience with the portal,” said Lisa Packwood, Salt Lake City director of revenue and collections.  “Many are surprised at how easy it is to resolve a ticket online.”

About 90 percent of the people using the portal are able to resolve their situation in one day.

“The portal isn’t just for parking,” added Packwood. “You can have a hearing on other types of civil citations as well, such as snow removal, alarms and ground transportation.”

People can pay fines, contest citations and get more information about how to resolve citations online or in person at

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