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Salt Lake City Announces Enhancements to Call 2 Haul Bulk Waste Collection Program

Aug. 3, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City today announced several key enhancements to its bulk waste program Call 2 Haul.  

Effective immediately, the new enhancements include:

  • The addition of a second pick up annually for green waste only. Residents will be able to schedule two collections per year—one for bulky items such as old furniture and appliances, and one for yard waste up to 24 inches in diameter. 
  • In addition to large branches, brush and bushes will now be accepted. These should be cut to five feet in length or less. Residents may also continue to request extra brown compost containers for temporary placement at no extra charge.
  • Neighborhood group scheduling. Up to 20 households can now schedule a neighborhood cleanup event for either bulky items or green waste. 

“We’re excited to provide greater convenience and enhanced service to our residents with these changes to Call 2 Haul,” Mayor Mendenhall said. “We heard from our residents who wanted an option to organize collection events with their neighbors. We also heard that they wanted easier ways to dispose of green waste. These changes will help meet those needs, while maintaining our commitment to waste diversion and protecting neighborhoods from dumping.”  

Call 2 Haul, which was launched in 2018, is available for no additional charge to Salt Lake City Waste and Recycling customers and provides a year-round, on-demand option to dispose of large bulky items that cannot or should not be placed in the City’s curbside containers. Common items for Call 2 Haul disposal include old furniture, mattresses, large appliances, refrigerators, tires, electronic waste, bulky green waste, and more.

In addition to providing convenience to residents for hard-to-dispose-of items, this program helps Salt Lake City properly divert recyclable and compostable material from the landfill. Through the program, residents recycle an average of 14 tons of materials per month. Another 168 tons are safely delivered to the Salt Lake Valley Landfill each month. 

Residents may schedule their Call 2 Haul pickups by calling 801-535-6953 or by filling out the online request form. Full details, instructions, and restrictions for the program are available at


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