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Community Recovery Committee

The Community Recovery Committee is a limited-term board overseeing the distribution of City American Rescue Plan funds to small businesses and nonprofits in SLC. Their primary responsibility is to review community proposals and make funding recommendations to Mayor Mendenhall that will help communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

See the Committee Charge

Internal CRC Bylaws [Adopted Nov. 2, 2022]

Contact Information

Michael Johnson

CAN Program Specialist


Todd Andersen

DED Program Specialist

Meeting Information

The Committee meets weekly while reviewing applications, Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. Once funding recommendations have been submitted for an application cycle, the Committee meets quarterly or as needed.

The Committee meeting location is the City and County Building, 451 S State Street, Room TBA, Salt Lake City, UT.

For meeting Agenda and Minutes, please visit the Salt Lake City listing in the Utah Public Notice Database.

Member Qualifications

Either seven (7) or nine (9) members, appointed by Mayor Erin Mendenhall, serve on the Community Recovery Committee. To be appointed, members must be currently serving on another SLC Board or Commission at the time of their appointment. The Committee shall be made up of at least two members from the Human Rights Commission, one member from the Business Advisory Board, at least two members from the Racial Equity in Policing Commission, and one member from the Economic Development Loan Fund Committee. Additional members must come from the Human Rights Commission and/or the Racial Equity in Policing Commission, unless the Mayor’s Office is unable to find sufficient volunteers, and an exception to the requirement is made by the express approval of the City Council.

Residency requirement:  Must be Salt Lake City residents.

Powers and Duties

  • Advise and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on decisions related to the City’s ARPA Community Grant Programs.
  • Coordinate with both Economic Development and Community and Neighborhoods on the review and evaluation of current strategic plans, goals, and policies of the departments’ Grant Programs.
  • Review all eligible project proposals and to make recommendations to Mayor Mendenhall on such requests for funds.
  • Monitor and evaluate the Community Grant Programs implementation.
  • Consider geographic equity in the overall funding recommendations.

Current Members

Member Other SLC Boards Term Expires
Jacob Maxwell Economic Development Loan Fund Dec. 2024
Jason Wessel Human Rights Commission Dec. 2023
Steven Calbert Racial Equity in Policing Commission Dec. 2024
Pook Carson Business Advisory Board Dec. 2024
Will Terry Human Rights Commission Dec. 2024
Matthew Coles Salt Lake City Arts Council Dec. 2024