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New Health Guidelines for Businesses under high level of transmission

  • Refer to Business Manual
  • Require 6’ of distancing between household groups, unless masks are worn
  • Post signage listing COVID-19 symptoms, asking employees and customers with symptoms to stay home, and encouraging physical distancing
  • Offer alternative pickup options when possible (such as curbside pickups, delivery, takeout)
  • Ensure ventilation systems operate properly
  • Plexiglass barriers between staff and customers where feasible at cash registers and customer service counters when 6’ distancing is difficult
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect restrooms at least twice daily
  • Facilitate employees working from home when ill or if they are higher-risk individuals
  • Stay Safe to Stay Open Pledge (or a similar industry-approved pledge that increases health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19) is strongly encouraged

Physical distancing in restaurants (including buffets)/Bars

High level of transmission: 6 feet between parties at all times

(including waiting areas and when seated)

Any establishment that allows public gathering, such as live events, movie theatres, sporting events, weddings, recreation and entertainment

  • Masks are required; performers are excluded
  • Completion of Event Management Template is required
  • Individual businesses will be expected to modify their operations based on individual outbreaks; Local Health Department discretion on severity of modifications, supported by Utah Department of Health.*
  • 6’ physical distancing between household groups
  • Exception to 6’ physical distancing between household groups can be requested through county executives in consultation with the local health officer. Exceptions may be reviewed every 14 days. Due to the high risk of transmission in this level, exceptions will be rare and are strongly discouraged.

You can find Salt Lake County Health Department’ requests for exception to the social distancing requirement form at

Visit the Utah CoronaVirus page for a comprehensive look at the health guidance under the High Level of Transmission:

Business Resources

We have streamlined COVID-19 resources for Salt Lake City’s business community to plan, prepare, and respond to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. There will be updates. As we follow public health guidelines and common sense, we will give Salt Lake City the best opportunity to stay resilient during this challenging economic time.

Visit our main page for more information:

Utah Muslim Civic League is offering resources and services for Individuals and business owners in the Muslim-identifying communities. Services include:

  • Help applying for PPP/EIDL loans
  • Business grants
  • Training and mentorship for start-ups and existing business
  • Access to digital resources
  • Food distribution
  • Housing and rental assistance
  • Transportation services
  • Access to medical service resources
  • Mutual Aid Group

The team is a multilingual team. For more information please contact Luna Banuri, Executive Director,  at

Employment Resources


Salt Lake County is hiring for multiple temporary positions. 

If you need assistance in your language to apply for unemployment:

Call 801-526-4400

  1. Select option 1
  2. Enter the last 5 digits of their social security number Or the # sign, 
  3. select option 5
  4. Wait for UI representative and tell them their language.