Salt Lake City

Council District 4

Central City, Downtown, East Central

Downtown Neighborhood

Downtown Salt Lake City is the most urban place in Utah. It offers urban amenities not found elsewhere in the region.

Downtown is the primary destination for culture and entertainment, the center of commerce, and the seat of local government. It serves as an important economic and cultural core for the City and the greater Wasatch Front.

Downtown nurtures the cultural soul of the region. Visitors flock to performances, events, and outdoor opportunities. It is a “must see” stop for those travelling to Utah. Arts influence the design of the public realm, which is intended to delight, awe, and inspire.

It is the heart of the region’s growing transportation network. TRAX and Frontrunner provide direct transit access to downtown from the Airport, University of Utah, and from other major economic centers to the north and south. The transit system is unparalleled for a city of this size.

The street grid provides a flexible way to achieve efficient connections downtown and the wide right-of-way allows for incredible innovation in street design for all modes. Bicycle and pedestrian improvements, including new protected bike lanes and the GREENBike bikeshare program, promote biking and walking as primary transportation options and improve the connections to nearby neighborhoods.

Downtown Master Plan

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