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Eva Lopez Chavez, District 4

Eva Lopez Chavez

Eva Lopez Chavez is the eldest daughter in a working-class Mexican immigrant family. She was raised to respect her elders, always lend a helping hand, and above all else, la familia es siempre primero: Family is always first.

Elected to serve in 2024, Eva is the first Mexican-American elected to the Salt Lake City Council. Born in Salt Lake City and raised in Southern Idaho, she is a proud daughter of the Rocky Mountain West, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and serves as a local consultant to businesses and organizations. Eva attended the University of Utah and studied political science from 2015-2018. Throughout her career, Eva has been actively involved in grassroots organizing and community engagement efforts, with a focus on social justice for marginalized communities.

Eva has witnessed firsthand the unique challenges and opportunities in the City, such as civil enforcement, community engagement, public process and more. In her former role, she worked as a Mayor’s Office Liaison and outreach specialist helping connect communities to the intersections where policy is created.

As Council Member, her decisions revolve around these three core principles: inclusivity, sustainability, and community. She firmly believes that Salt Lake City thrives when every voice is heard, and every resident feels valued. Eva aims to ensure that diverse perspectives are represented in decision-making processes and that all community members have equal access to resources and opportunities.

Eva is committed to building partnerships and fostering transparent and accountable governance, fighting for policies that prioritize the well-being of District 4, ensuring residents are heard and protecting their interests. Together, with the support of the community, Eva aims to connect communities and include every Salt Laker in the public process.