Salt Lake City

Council District 6

Bonneville Hills, East Bench, Sunnyside East, Wasatch Hollow, Yalecrest

City Business 101: Government Departments

The Salt Lake City Government comprises various departments, each playing a crucial role in the City’s administration and the well-being of its residents. From the legislative functions of the City Council to the maintenance by the Public Services and Public Lands Departments, each department contributes to the overall functioning of the City.

Here are just some of the departments and divisions in the City that work tirelessly to make Salt Lake City better every day.

  • Mayor’s Office: The Mayor’s Office is responsible for the administration of the City, including implementing policies, managing city resources, and representing the City in various capacities.
  • City Council: The City Council serves as the legislative branch of the city government, responsible for creating and overseeing the City’s budget, enacting ordinances, and making policy decisions
  • Police Department: The Police Department is tasked with maintaining public safety, enforcing laws, and providing emergency response services to the community.
  • Public Services Department: This department manages services such as waste and recycling, street maintenance, and snow removal to ensure the well-being of the City’s residents.
  • Planning Division: The Planning Division focuses on the City’s growth and development, including land use planning, zoning regulations, and long-term community development initiatives.
  • Public Lands Department: Responsible for the management and maintenance of public lands, parks, and recreational facilities within the City, ensuring access to quality outdoor spaces for residents and visitors.

The City Council, the Mayor’s Office, and other key departments work tirelessly to address the community’s various needs, from public safety to urban planning and development. 

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