Salt Lake City

Council District 6

Bonneville Hills, East Bench, Sunnyside East, Wasatch Hollow, Yalecrest

District 6 Priorities

As the Council Member for District Six, I am committed to addressing key priorities that directly impact the well-being of our residents. My focuses are aligned with the City’s broader goals and reflect a comprehensive approach to enhancing the lives of the community.

I am dedicated to improving mobility and accessibility by focusing on transit lines, airport services, and extensions to key locations such as hospitals and universities. These efforts are essential for enhancing connectivity, economic development, and the overall quality of life for all residents and visitors. My commitment to safeguarding our air and water includes implementing water conservation measures and reducing our emissions. By prioritizing the creation of more affordable housing, including “community-owned” and shared-equity housing, I aim to ensure long-term affordability for our residents while creating a safe and secure environment, affordable living, and inclusive opportunities for Utahns.

The safety of our residents is our number one priority. Here are some key safety initiatives currently underway:

  • The Community Health Access Team (CHAT), responsible for community health and traffic, is undergoing a significant enhancement, transitioning to a full 7-day/week program. This expansion ensures a continuous and responsive presence in our neighborhoods, promptly addressing safety concerns.
  • To optimize law enforcement resources, I am advocating for the staffing of Civilian Response Teams tasked with handling low-priority calls. This strategic allocation of personnel allows our sworn officers to focus on more critical matters, ultimately improving overall public safety.

Shifting focus to transportation and street initiatives, the following strategic plans are in place for the upcoming year:

  • A comprehensive mill-overlay street resurfacing program, coupled with a pothole initiative, is set to revitalize our roadways, contributing to smoother and safer travels for residents.
  • I also have a goal of working with Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to increase the frequency of west/east bus routes to 15 minutes and develop a transit plan along Foothill, connecting key locations like the University of Utah, hospitals, Veterans Affairs (VA), and the zoo, underscore my dedication to fostering accessible and efficient public transportation.

Sustainability lies at the core of my priorities, with initiatives ranging from environmental studies to practical conservation measures:

  • Signing and conducting the Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) and city environmental studies exemplify the commitment to understanding and mitigating environmental impacts. Simultaneously, the submission of the Utah Renewable Communities (URC) program application and its pursuit of approval from the Public Service Commission (PSC) align with our dedication to renewable and clean energy initiatives. Additionally, my goal is to introduce a low-water grass seed program and advocate for ordinances to ban 2-stroke engine landscape equipment and single-use plastic bags, contributing to water conservation and reducing harmful pollutants.

Addressing housing challenges, here are key solutions in the pipeline:

  • Requiring covered secure bike storage units at multi-family units aligns with my vision for a more bike-friendly and sustainable city.
  • Incorporating the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) into our homeless policy reflects a holistic approach to addressing homelessness and creating supportive environments.
  • Advocating for amendments to commercial building codes to mandate solar panels on rooftops showcases commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient living.

By addressing these priorities, I am dedicated to contributing to Salt Lake City residents’ overall quality of life, promoting safety, sustainability, and community well-being. My commitment to these areas demonstrates a comprehensive approach to serving the needs of District Six and the City.

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