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Sugar House Drive-Through Text Amendment

Sugar House Drive-Through Text Amendment


The Council recently passed an ordinance to prohibit new drive-throughs in the Sugar House Business District. The district previously allowed drive-throughs, but the ordinance removes them from the list of permitted uses. 

The purpose of the Sugar House Business District is “to promote a walkable community with a transit oriented, mixed use town center that can support a twenty-four (24) hour population.”  This ordinance intends to align the list of permitted uses with this description. It also seeks to reduce car dependency, improve air quality, and support the local economy. 

Existing businesses with drive-throughs are still allowed to operate normally and are not affected by this change. 

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Meeting Recaps

Sept. 5, 2023, Vote 

The Council unanimously voted to prohibit new drive-throughs in the Sugar House Business District.  

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Aug. 8 Public Hearing 

The Council held and closed a public hearing on the Sugar House Drive-Through Text Amendment. During the hearing, the Council received input from several people about the proposal. The Council is tentatively scheduled to vote on the ordinance at its Tuesday, August 15 formal meeting. 

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Jun. 18 Council Briefing 

The Council discussed a proposal to eliminate new drive-throughs as a permitted use in the Sugar House Business District. A public hearing on this proposal will be held on Tuesday, August 8.   

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