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Emergency Management

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Be informed

Know what disasters and hazards could affect your area, make sure you are registered and know how to get emergency alerts, and where you would go if you and your family need to evacuate. Check out the related links to learn what to do before, during and after each type of emergency.

Preparedness begins with being informed.  Part of being informed is knowing what kinds of natural disasters and severe weather will likely and/or can possibly impact your home, your workplace, and your community.  Increase your knowledge and learn more about the types of natural events for which you should prepare in Salt Lake City. 

The knowledge you gain will prove invaluable for keeping you and your household safe. In Salt Lake City the disasters that can have the most impact are:

  1. Extreme Heat
  2. Wildland Fire
  3. Debris Flows
  4. Flood and Remember about
  5. Severe Weather
  6. Earthquake

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Technological/human-caused Hazards

Salt Lake City is a major technology and transportation hub for the United States.  While this is economically advantageous to Salt Lake City, it also elevates the risk of experiencing emergencies due to accidents, human error, or secondary to a natural hazard.  Be informed about the types of hazards that can potentially affect your household, your workplace, and your transportation routes.  Some of these types of events include:

  1. Hazardous Materials
  2. Natural Gas
  3. Power Outage and Electrical Safety
  4. Transportation Hazards

Using these links as starting points, research each site to discover additional links to topics of interest to gain more knowledge about potential hazards and risks in the Salt Lake area to become better informed.


Get “smart” about being informed

In today’s world, more people than ever have “smart” phones that are rarely, if ever, out of arms reach.  With this knowledge, agencies and organizations have created applications or “apps” to put knowledge and emergency alert notifications literally at your fingertips.  However, make sure the apps you download are from trusted sources that give you reliable information; especially regarding emergency alerts.  Below are some examples of reliable apps useful to Salt Lake City residents.

  1. Salt Lake City Government – @slcgov
  2. Utah 211 @211utah
  3. UDOT Traffic @UDOTTraffic
  4. American Red Cross @RedCrossUt

Also consider following official agencies and organizations on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

  1. @BeReadySLC
  3. @SLCFD
  4. @NWSSaltlakecity
  5. @SLC911
  6. @SLCPU
  7. @RideUTA