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Central City

Central City

The Central City Historic District was established as a National Register district in 1996 and was designated as a Local Historic District in 1991.

The Central City Historic District is located five blocks east of the Central Business District of Salt Lake City. The district begins just south of the South Temple Historic District and extends nine blocks south to the northern edge of Liberty Park. Each of the seventeen blocks within the historic district retains its original ten-acre size, many with courts and through streets which provide access to the interior of the blocks.

Single family homes exist today side-by-side with multiple family apartment complexes, converted single family houses, as well as commercial and office spaces. This combination of functions creates a dense and diverse mixed use/residential area. A commercial strip bisects the district along 400 South Street, serving to visually divide the district into north and south sections. The north and south areas are unified by the significant feature of grass ‘parking’ medians, which are located in the center of 600 East Street and extends the entire nine block length of the district.