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The Avenues

The Avenues

The Avenues Historic District was established as a National Register district and designated a Local Historic District in 1978.

The Avenues Historic District is significant because of its architectural character and historical importance as one of Salt Lake City’s older and most significant residential areas. It is the most significant neighborhood in the state of Utah in documenting the range of residential architectural styles starting in the late 1860s. While other neighborhoods include more elaborate examples of certain styles, the Avenues includes significant architectural examples over a period of over 100 years.

Over one hundred architect-designed homes have been identified in the district, in styles from Queen Anne to the Prairie Style. These structures are a significant element of the visual character of the district, which is unusual in its integration of architectural styles. The diversity of styles is a result of the subdivision of the original blocks, originally laid out with four lots to the block. As the neighborhood changed, more and more of the original lots were subdivided by the original owners, producing a diversity which is one of the important characteristics of the district. Several significant public and commercial buildings remain in the district, including the Madeleine Choir School (formerly Rowland Hall-St. Marks School), the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the Twentieth and Twenty-seventh LDS Wards.