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The University Historic District was established as a National Register district in 1995 and was designated as a Local Historic District in 1991.

The University district is located on the east bench of the valley west of the University of Utah, with panoramic views extending over the City toward the west. The district consists almost entirely of residences constructed between 1900 and 1920, many of them built and occupied for decades by faculty and staff from the University. It is bordered by South Temple Street on the north, 500 South on the south, University Street on the east, and by 1100 East on the west. Since the World War II era, the district has also been partially occupied by student apartments. The construction of apartment buildings in the neighborhood led to its district designation as owners of single family homes sought to reduce the impact of multi-family buildings that were resulting in higher densities.

Today the district contains many medium to large historic homes and apartment buildings exhibiting a variety of architectural styles. Commercial buildings geared to the student population are located around the intersection of 200 South and 1300 East near the University. Some of these are historic and others are modern. The northeast corner of the district is occupied by a small historic park with tennis courts and an art gallery. In and close to the southeast corner of the district are a couple of high-rise apartment buildings.