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Westmoreland Place

Westmoreland Place

Westmoreland Place was established as a National Register district in 2012 and designated a local historic district by Salt Lake City in 2010.

The Westmoreland Place Historic District is a small residential neighborhood located on the East Bench. It is located thirteen blocks south and fifteen blocks east of Salt Lake City’s business center. Its sixty-nine primary structures are entirely residential. Single-family houses predominate but there are four duplexes scattered along the perimeter of the subdivision. Uniformly sized mature shade trees line the streets in the parking strips creating an urban canopy with their branches. Concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks are found throughout the district.

The houses have uniform setbacks and the garages are primarily located at the rear of the lots. All of the houses in the district were built in the period from 1913 to 1952; the majority in the popular bungalow and period revival cottage styles.