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Normandie Circle, Harvard Heights, Harvard Park, Upper Harvard Yale Park, Princeton Park, Douglas Park

Yalecrest was established as a National Register district in 2005.

The Yalecrest Historic District is located on the East Bench of Salt Lake City, southeast of the business and downtown section. It is locally significant both architecturally and historically, and for its association with the residential development of the East Bench of Salt Lake City by real estate developers and builders in the first half of the twentieth century. Several smaller local Historic Districts within the Yalecrest Neighborhood were designated in the 2010s.

Yalecrest Local Historic Districts consist of several small historic districts generally located between 1300 East and 1900 East and Sunnyside Avenue and 1300 South. The local historic districts include Normandie Circle, Upper Harvard Yale Park on Harvard Avenue between 1500 East and 1700 East; Harvard Park, along Harvard Avenue between 1700-1800 East; Princeton Park, located on Princeton Street between 1700 East and 1800 East; and Douglas Park, centered on Hubbard Avenue between 1500 East and Fairview Avenue .

These districts are made up of residences exhibiting a variety of period revival styles dating to the first few decades of the 20th century. The housing stock, with its architect-designed homes and manicured landscaping, provides evidence of middle class to upper class ownership from the first half of the 1900s.