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City Creek

City Creek

City Creek // 1980 National Register

City Creek Canyon Historic District lies at the mouth of City Creek Canyon in a gully between the Capitol Hill area on the west and the Avenues area on the east. It starts near Third Avenue on the south and continues to the entrance to the canyon on the north. The district includes the slopes of the canyon up to Bonneville Boulevard.

Originally, City Creek ran down the center of the area. The banks of the stream were covered with grass and weeds, except in those areas where the ground was cleared to build industrial mills. In 1910 the creek was put underground partway through the mouth of the canyon. The creek now flows over and under bridges, to add to the beauty of the Memory Gove. After it reaches the end of the park, the water is piped underground.

Memory Grove contains several war memorials that were built between 1924 and 1942. In addition some of the weapons of the various wars have been placed in the park. The district also includes a small residential area in the mouth of the canyon.