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SLC Computers for the Community Program

In 2022 the Salt Lake City Council unanimously approved the donation of surplus computers to community organizations that provide direct services to Salt Lake City residents. The intent of the SLC Computers for the Community Program is to provide equitable distribution of surplus computers to community members, increase digital literacy, improve student achievement, and reduce the City’s electronic waste output.


This program seeks to bridge the technology gap in underserved communities, increase digital literacy, improve student achievement, and reduce the City’s electronic waste output by donating the City’s surplus computers to the community.


Every year, Salt Lake City ends up with about 300-500 surplus laptops and desktop computers. The life span of a city device can be between 3-5 years. Currently the City sells them at a public auction, which ends up being a net loss for the City. It costs more in software and staff time to wipe the computers than what the City receives.

Instead of selling these surplus computers, we obtained approval from our City Council to donate the devices to community members who need them.

The City currently leverages an Apprenticeship Program through the Utah Department of Workforce Services to refurbish the computers: to clean, repair and update the devices. So not only are we donating the devices to the community, but the Apprenticeship program also provides a great work-based learning opportunity for individuals to learn new career based skills.

This program is replicable and sustainable as it does not impact the City budget, plus it supports our residents and ensures less e-waste ends up in the land field.

Finally, relaying on the expertise of our community partners, they provide digital literacy training and support to prepare computer recipients to successfully use their new device.

Distribution Process

Community organizations with established digital literacy programs apply for the surplus computers and distribute to their clientele. This ensures that recipients are set up for success as they will have the support needed to make the most of their device. Organizations must serve Salt Lake City residents. 

Community Partners & Communities Serviced

Application Process

Eligible organization must complete an application and provide an overview of their computer distribution plan and digital literacy programming. The donated devices are to be given to clients that the organization serves – and are not be used for the organization’s staff, board, or administration purposes. Clients must live within Salt Lake City.

The applying organization must demonstrate it can distribute a minimum of 5 devices to individuals/families. The maximum number of devices donated to an organization is 25 per cycle. Laptops will be distributed based on surplus availability and applying organization may receive less devices than requested based on demand. The bulk of the surplus computers will be laptops and not desktop. Laptop brands and types will vary. Community organizations will be awarded surplus laptops based on the strength of their application and established computer donation and/or digital literacy programs.

Application Cycle

The previous application cycle opened in early January 2023 and closed February.  Laptops will be distributed based on surplus availability. Please check for more information on the next donation cycle or email