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900 South: 900 West to Lincoln Street (945 East)

Project update (11/30/2022): 900 West to 300 West and West Temple to State Street have been completed. The south side of 900 South, between 300 West and West Temple will be completed by the end of November 2022. Asphalt paving, sidewalk, curb, gutter, 9-line, and driveway approaches are being installed through mid-November, with irrigation and landscaping work anticipated to extend through November. South side construction was delayed from 300 West to West Temple because of supply chain issues, concrete availability, and utility delays. As a result, north side construction will begin in Spring 2023 to focus on curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveways, irrigation, landscaping, pedestrian crossings, and striping improvements. We anticipate construction to be completed by October 2023. Paving from Washington Street to 300 West and landscaping will be completed by mid-December.

Project Overview

Salt Lake City will reconstruct 900 South from 900 West to Lincoln Street (945 East) starting in 2021. As part of the project, the 9-Line Trail corridor will be an attractive, safe, and inclusive place for neighbors, businesses, and street users. A new trail will also introduce a walking and bicycling connection between east and west Salt Lake City, linking neighborhoods, business districts, and cultural destinations.

900 South project area

Learn more about the two phases of the 900 South project by clicking on the dropdowns below.

Phase One Construction - 300 West to West Temple (Central 9th)

Project Hub

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Read the 9 Line Trail Extension Study from 2018 for more background.

Public Comment Responses

Check out public comment and project responses here.

How to Survive Construction Workshop

Thanks to everyone that joined the 2021 How to Survive Construction workshop! Check out the presentation slides from the workshop below.


Construction on this section of 900 South began July 2021 and will continue through Fall 2023.

Construction Updates

10/21/2022: Construction will continue on the south side of 900 South until November 2022. Asphalt paving, sidewalk, curb, gutter, and driveway approaches are being installed through mid-November, with irrigation and landscaping work anticipated to extend through November. Due to construction, there is no parking on the south side. Businesses along the 900 South corridor, from West Temple to 300 West are open for business, and signage indicates how to best navigate construction. Work in this area will resume in spring 2023 to reconstruct the north side of 900 South.

All eastbound traffic will be detoured down 800 South. There will be a single lane of westbound access with parking available on the north side of the street and in specified lots. Washington St, 200 West, and Jefferson St will be accessible via left hand turns.

Phase Two Design - 900 West to Lincoln Street (945 East)

900 South Open House

Review the 900 South Design from 900 West to Lincoln Street


Check out the Phase 2 design open house here!

Construction update (10/21/2022): Asphalt removal and replacement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and 9-Line construction, improved crosswalks, access, and landscaping are ongoing between West Temple and State Street through October, with the section between State Street and 200 East completing by the end of November. Construction through winter is planned adjacent to Liberty Park, and the area between 200 East and 500 East resuming in spring 2023. The final section from 700 East to Lincoln Street is anticipated to be under construction through summer and into the fall of 2023.

900 South Maps

Take a more detailed look at all the improvements going in on 900 South with the scroll plots below!

Traffic & Parking Study

Download the traffic and parking study information for this project below. They include the data on the 2021-2023 project’s impact on vehicular traffic and ideas for improving parking management. Note that a caveat on pages 3 and 17 explains that the proposed strategies and recommendations would only be possible with improved organization, finance structures, and staffing related to parking (and related infrastructure, management, and policies).


Construction began on the section of 900 South from 300 West to West Temple in summer 2021. Construction on the rest of the corridor will continue until the end of 2023. However, construction will be staged to only impact portions of the corridor at any given time in order to reduce construction impacts to the community.


This project is valued at $19 million, and is financed via multiple sources of funding including an active transportation grant from Salt Lake County, RDA funds, the 2018 voter-approved Funding Our Future street reconstruction bond, and water and sewer funds (among others).

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Project Contact Information

To contact us and sign up for email updates, send the team an email with the word “Updates” in the subject line or give us a call anytime.

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  • Team Phone: 1-844-297-6884
  • Social Media: @SLCgov & @SLCmoves
  • Jeff Gulden: Transportation Engineer | 801-535-6630
  • Josh Willie: Project Engineer | 801-535-6281

Hablar en español: Santiago Loaiza | 801-713-5256

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