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900 South: 900 West to Lincoln Street (945 East)

For project updates, please email or call 844-297-6884.

Construction Update (June 2023)

  • 300 W to West Temple: The north side of 900 S from West Temple to 300 W is now closed to traffic and the south side of 900 S is open to eastbound traffic only. The westbound lane will be closed the full extent until July 2023. Construction in this area is expected to be completed by mid-late July.

  • State Street to 200 E: Crews are working in this area but work is taking longer due to the discovery of old trolley rail and beams.

  • 200 East to 500 East : Work is anticipated to begin in mid-August

  • 500 East to 700 East: The Liberty Park Entrance construction work is nearing completion.

  • 700 East to 945 East: Construction is expected to begin east of 700 East in June. Crews will begin by removing the top layer of asphalt on the south side of 900 South to prepare for concrete removal and reconstruction.

  • The 9th & 9th Intersection is expected to be closed during construction for approximately 45 days beginning as early as the first week of July. The public involvement team will continue to provide information to business owners and residents leading up to this work.

  • The project team is in regular coordination with the Central 9th and ELPCO council leadership to share information and manage concerns. The 9th & 9th intersection reconstruction and 45 day closure is anticipated to occur in July 2023. A broad public outreach campaign is planned when schedules and phasing around this closure are confirmed.

More construction details are available below.

Project Overview

Salt Lake City will reconstruct 900 South from 900 West to Lincoln Street (945 East) starting in 2021. As part of the project, the 9-Line Trail corridor will be an attractive, safe, and inclusive place for neighbors, businesses, and street users. A new trail will also introduce a walking and bicycling connection between east and west Salt Lake City, linking neighborhoods, business districts, and cultural destinations.

900 South project area

Phase One: 300 West to West Temple (Central 9th)

We recommend viewing the Project Hub below in its own window on a larger screen like a computer or tablet. If you are viewing it on a mobile device, turn your screen to landscape view. Also the Hub works better if you click the links and images within it instead of using the side arrows.

Phase Two: 900 West to Lincoln Street (945 East)

Use the interactive photo gallery below to view renders of the completed project.

Learn More

Take a more detailed look at all the improvements going in on 900 South below.

Traffic and Parking Study

Traffic & Parking Study

Download the traffic and parking study information for this project below. They include the data on the 2021-2023 project’s impact on vehicular traffic and ideas for improving parking management. Note that a caveat on pages 3 and 17 explains that the proposed strategies and recommendations would only be possible with improved organization, finance structures, and staffing related to parking (and related infrastructure, management, and policies).

Public Comment Responses

Public Comment Responses

Check out public comment and project responses below.

9 Line Trail Extension Study

9 Line Trail Extension Study

Read the 9 Line Trail Extension Study from 2018 for more background.

Project Timeline

Project Timeline

Construction began on the section of 900 South from 300 West to West Temple in summer 2021. Construction on the rest of the corridor will continue until summer 2023. However, construction will be staged to only impact portions of the corridor at any given time in order to reduce construction impacts to the community.



Funding Our Future logo

This project is valued at $19 million, and is financed via multiple sources of funding including an active transportation grant from Salt Lake County, RDA funds, the 2018 voter-approved Funding Our Future street reconstruction bond, and water and sewer funds (among others).

Team Talk Video (October 2020)

Construction Information

A map showing residents what routes are available to travel through the central ninth area while construction on 900 South takes place.
Page one of the 900 South construction update flyer from February 2023.
Page two of the 900 South construction update flyer from February 2023.

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