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West Temple Reconstruction (North Temple to 400 South)

West Temple current conditions

West Temple Reconstruction

North Temple to 400 South

Project Overview

The West Temple reconstruction project will rehabilitate the aged pavement from North Temple to 200 South and provide additional features to make the road safer for those driving, walking, and biking for the entire project extent of North Temple to 400 South. Construction is scheduled to take place in 2024.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is reconstructing West Temple from North Temple to South Temple in 2022 as part of the Temple Square rehabilitation project. There will be no changes to the roadway striping during the fall 2022 construction but the striping layout will be updated in 2024 as part of the West Temple reconstruction project.

Project Timeline

Spring – Summer 2022Initial stakeholder and site meetings
Fall 2022Community input on roadway design concept
2023Salt Lake City Engineering develops technical roadway design
2024Roadway construction

Project Extent

Map of West Temple reconstruction project from 400 South to North Temple


To submit a comment or question please contact the project team.

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Project Manager | Susan Lundmark

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