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Streets crews and staff are focused on safety related maintenance items which can be done effectively while maintaining social distancing protocols, through operational changes and the use of PPE.

If you have any questions, please call us at 801-535-2345 or email

Concrete Replacement

By City ordinance (14.32.300), the repair or replacement of deteriorated sidewalk, drive approach, and curb and gutter in the public way is the responsibility of the adjacent private property owner.  Property owners can hire a contractor to accomplish the required concrete repairs, which requires a permit to work in the public way, or property owners can take advantage of the 50/50 Concrete Sidewalkconcrete program.

50/50 Concrete Program

The 50/50 concrete program is a cost-sharing program that splits the actual cost of replacement between the adjacent residential property owner and the City on a 50/50 basis.  For commercial properties, the owner will pay 100% of the cost, and this cost must be paid before construction starts.

Construction estimates are provided without charge and work is scheduled on a “first come first serve” basis. To obtain an estimate, please contact Mitch Hansen at or 801-535-6934.

Roadway Markings & Traffic Signs

Roadway MarkingStreet Name SignsCrews maintain and install traffic signs and roadway markings throughout the City for the safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  The traffic signs group inspects and prioritizes sign maintenance and replacement for all city street signs annually. This work group manufactures and installs all City signs.  The traffic markings group uses specialized painting equipment to apply over 13,500 gallons of paint and 68,950 pounds of reflective beads annually.

For issues related to maintenance call: 801-535-2345

Road Reconstruction, Treatment & Repair

Chip SealAsphalt Repair & Treatment

Asphalt maintenance crews perform repairs and surface treatments on 1,850 lane miles (approximately 118 million square feet) of City-owned roadways, including activities such as chip, fog and slurry seal surface treatments, crack sealing, level patching, pothole repair and asphalt surface milling.  The type of surface treatment a road will receive is determined by the City’s Engineering Division, Pavement Management.

For issues related to maintenance call: 801-535-2345

Pavement Management

The Pavement Management team collects and analyzes data to determine the most cost effective maintenance strategy for the City’s roadway network.  The team uses an inventory database to store condition, construction, and maintenance information on a street network of 1,850 lane miles.  Road conditions are evaluated by field inspection and automated pavement surveys and the data determines the type of maintenance plan each road receives.

Pavement Reconstruction

Pavements that have exceeded their functional life are programmed for reconstruction through the City’s Capital Improvement Program.  As with pavement overlays, ADA ramps are installed and drainage impeding damaged curbs are repaired on all reconstruction projects.

Further information regarding Pavement Management can be obtained by emailing David Jones at

Snow Removal


The snow removal program provides Salt Lake City with a safe, reliable and efficient travel network for all modes of transportation during adverse weather conditions. Crews perform snow removal on 1,850 lane miles (approximately 118 million square feet) of City-owned roadways within 36 hours of a storm. In addition, crews provide snow removal on 7.8 miles of viaduct sidewalks.

The Public Services Streets Division is dedicated to keeping the City’s streets safe and passable during the winter storm season. Our snow removal program holds itself to a high service level standard of resolving snow and ice events within a 36-hour time period after a snow event. Please visit the following links for helpful tips and information regarding snow removal in Salt Lake City.

Snow Removal GPS Tracking click here

Snow Removal Priority Map click here

Snow Removal Information & Facts click here

How Can You Improve Snow Removal Efforts? click here

For issues related to maintenance call: 801-535-2345

Streets Response Team

Salt Lake City Streets Division

The Salt Lake City Streets Division provides snow and ice removal, roadway maintenance, concrete replacement, roadway striping, and repairing and replacement of street signs and signals.

Service hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Request service or report non-urgent issues:

Report Urgent Streets Issues After-Hours

The following situations may be considered urgent and require attention after service hours:

  • Damaged or downed regulatory signage
  • Snow and ice complaints after a storm
  • Roadway and sidewalk hazards
  • Traffic signal problems
  • Safety related items in the public right of way

To report any of the above issues after regular service hours, please click here to contact the SLC Streets Response Team. Report non-urgent issues and request service at or contact the Streets Division during regular service hours.

Street Sweeping

Street SweepingThe City street sweeping program keeps dirt, leaves and pollutants from reaching the storm drainage system. Sweeping also provides a clean, well presented City. This program responds to routine, emergency and special request sweeping.

Salt Lake City Street Sweeping Provides the Following

  • Sweeps 29,800 average curb miles annually
  • Averages 9 citywide passes annually
  • Supports special events and parades

For issues related to maintenance call: 801-535-2345

Traffic Signals

Signal TechThe traffic signals group maintains, repairs and programs all of the signals, crosswalks and electronic traffic control devices in Salt Lake City not including State owned roads. This group is involved with design, review and inspection of new signal projects.

For information on signal timing click here

For issues related to maintenance call: 801-535-2345

Water, Sewer, and Stormwater

Report a water, sewer, or stormwater emergency to Salt Lake City Public Utilities 24-hour dispatch line: 801-483-6700.

Full contact information at