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Most non-emergency Public Services requests can be made through MySLC. Some of the most common reports or requests can be found below. An option to submit anonymously is available.

Services / More Information

  • Concrete Replacement Program: A Streets Division program to replace residential and commercial concrete sidewalks, drive approaches, and curb and gutter.
  • Snowplow GPS Tracking: A map tracking snowplows routes. Note that snowplows are only trackable during an active snowstorm.
  • Street Sweeping: A Streets Division program that keeps dirt, leaves, and pollutants from reaching the storm drainage system. Completed routinely and in emergency and special request cases.
  • General Parking Information: Information about parking tickets, pay stations, EV parking, and more.
  • Parking Options in Salt Lake City: Information about street, lot, or garage parking locations throughout Salt Lake City.
  • Street or Alley Information: Information about a street, alley, or other specific location.