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Salt Lake City & County Bikeways Map

This comfort-rated map of the whole Salt Lake Valley will help you select routes for commuting or recreational rides, or to connect to TRAX, mountain bike trails, or other community destinations.  The map features safety information, riding tips, and resources that will help you keep spinning happily on your way.

Download the 2019 Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County Bikeways Map.

The geographically-referenced PDF files below work with the built-in GPS on your smartphone to show you where you are on the map! Search in the App Store or Play Store for “Geo PDF” or “PDF map” to find applications that can perform this function.

2019 Salt Lake City & Northern Salt Lake County Bikeways Map

2019 Southern Salt Lake County Bikeways Map

Looking for bikeway data?

Here is the GIS data for the Salt Lake City bikeways.  This data includes both facilities and comfort ratings.  County data not yet available as the map view is cobbled together from several sources. 

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Multi-Use Paved Trails

Jordan River Parkway Trail

Jordan River Trail Bridge

Jordan River Parkway Trail 

The Jordan River Parkway Trail is a 40+ mile continuous, non-motorized, paved trail from the Jordan River’s headwaters at Utah Lake in Utah County north to a connection with the Legacy Trail in Davis County near the Great Salt Lake. Approximately 8.5 miles of the trail are in Salt Lake City.  Other parts of the trail have been developed and are maintained by Salt Lake County.  In total, the Jordan River Parkway Trail is the central piece of a network of trails known as the “Golden Spoke,” spanning over 100 miles between Ogden and Provo. Click here to view a trail map of the Jordan River Parkway Trail.

Liberty Park Trail

Liberty Park Trail

Built in 1882, Liberty Park is a favorite within Salt Lake City. Each year thousands enjoy the park’s numerous activities and accommodations. Ringing the park is a 1.5-mile, paved multi-use trail, and a parallel wood chip jogging path.  To prevent user conflicts, travel on the path is counter-clockwise around the park. Bicycle/pedestrian crossing signals at both ends of the park connect to the 600 East Neighborhood Byway.  

City Creek Canyon / Memory Grove

City Creek Canyon / Memory Grove

City Creek Canyon is a wonderful resource so close to downtown Salt Lake, and a great respite from the summer heat. A 1.2 mile shared-use path through Memory Grove Park begins at State Street and Second Avenue, and extends north to Bonneville Boulevard. North of Bonneville Boulevard, the “path” in City Creek Canyon is a 5.8-mile paved canyon maintenance road that is closed to public automobiles on days that bikes are permitted (and vice versa).

Summer: Bicycles permitted on odd numbered days ONLY from Memorial Day weekend until Sept. 30.  No bikes on Memorial Day or Labor Day regardless of date. 

Winter: Bicycles permitted every day from Oct. 1 to Friday before Labor Day, except during the deer rifle hunt.  

Service vehicles are allowed on all days and should always be expected when bicycling in the canyon.  Speed limit of 15 mph also applies to bikes. SLC Public Utilities manages the canyon.

Parley's Trail

Parley’s Trail

Parley’s Trail connects the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon to the Jordan River Parkway Trail. This trail has been constructed in segments over several years.  Most sections of trail are now open with interim signs on a few remaining on-road portions.  Trail map.

9 Line Trail

9 Line Trail

The 9 Line Trail, under development, will eventually traverse Salt Lake City east to west at approximately 800/900 South. Two longer segments of multi-use path are currently open in Glendale (Redwood Road to 700 W) and along Sunnyside Avenue (Guardsman to Foothill).  New segments from 700 W to 1300 East will be constructed and opened by 2023. 

Airport Trail

Airport Trail

This 2.8 mile trail provides a bicycle and pedestrian connection along the south side of the airport from North Temple at 2500 West to the International Center. Trail hours are restricted.  If you plan to bicycle to the Airport, access to the Terminal is available by continuing north along 3700 West, a road that mostly serves local commercial traffic to air freight carriers. Bicycle access to the airport is also available by taking your bike on the UTA Green Line train. More information including map.

McClelland Trail

McClelland Trail

This trail follows the route of the Jordan & Salt Lake City Canal in Salt Lake City, from the 9th & 9th Business District (900 S) to the Sugar House Business District (2100 S). Some sections use quiet streets; others are off-street trail.  Eventually, the trail will extend south to Elgin Avenue (~3000 S) near the Brickyard Plaza, totaling about 4 miles in length.  The Trail is about 1040 to 1200 East.

Mountain Bike Trails

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail provides unsurpassed close-to-home mountain biking right in our urban backyard. The Salt Lake City portion of this regional trail traverses the Wasatch foothills above the City, approximately following the shoreline bench of the ancient Lake Bonneville. Salt Lake City’s trail includes 17 miles of dirt mountain bike trail, with various spurs connecting to trailhead access points and the city street network. The dirt trail is linked in places by paved road or paved trail, in total adding another 5.7 miles to the route.

Foothills Trails Plan

Foothill Trails Plan

SLC’s Trails & Open Space Division will be adding approximately 65 miles of trails to the Foothills area, with the first phase of construction starting in 2020.  The Foothill Trails Plan will result in a total of 85 miles of mountain bike accessible trails. View the Foothills Trail System Master Plan.

Bike Terrain Parks

900 South Bike Jumps and Pump Track

Biker riding the 9 Line dirt jumps.

900 South Bike Jumps and Pump Track

The new 9-Line Trail has been further improved by a bike park at its eastern end. This dirt jump includes easy, medium, and difficult jumps, as well as a pump track for beginners and those looking to polish their skills. The park is well situated in the middle of the city, and accessible by bike routes along 800 and 900 South.

Parley's Historic Nature Park

Aerial image of Parley's Historic Nature Park

Parley’s Historic Nature Park

One of the best off-leash parks in the city, Parley’s also offers unique insight and first-hand experiences with Salt Lake City’s history and natural environment. Parley’s is located on the southern edge of Salt Lake City, and in addition to vehicles can be accessed through Parley’s Trail by bikers and hikers. The park is enhanced by a daylighted portion of Parley’s Creek, a wildlife refuge area, and great views up Parley’s Canyon.

Skate & BMX Parks

The following parks include concrete skate parks for skateboarders and BMX.  Each park offers different features and bowls.

Rosewood Skate Park

Fairmont Skate Park

Jordan Skate Park

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