Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department

9 Line Bike Park

Current Conditions & Updates

  • 9 Line is CLOSED July 8-19 while our teams perform maintenance on the trail surfaces. Thank you for your patience and for respecting closures.
  • Weekends: We may reopen the park during maintenance on the weekends. Check this page frequently for updates!
  • I Street: Need a bike park fix? Check out I Street bike park while 9 Line Bike Park is closed.

About the Park

9-Line Bike Park includes beginner, intermediate, and expert-level jump lines as well as a pump track for beginners and those looking to polish their skills.

We depend on the good stewardship of our bike park users and hope you’ll help us keep the park in great shape by respecting closures and by following the flow of the features. Our 9 Line team members are expert trail builders and avid cyclists and they are dedicated to making 9 Line excellent for every user.

9 Line User Manual

9 Line has been called “the best use of an overpass” and we are proud of the accolades from visitors! The jumps and features are only as good as the care it receives from all users so we hope you read through this “User Manual” closely to help keep the features in tip-top shape.

1. Pedal-Powered Bikes Only

No e-bikes, motorcycles, Surrons, e-motorcycles, one-wheels, RC cars, scooters, razors, etc. Motorized or throttled vehicles and toys create significant damage to the park, which can result in closing the park for lengthy repairs.

2. Bring the Right Bike

This park is designed for BMX and dirt jump bikes. Full-suspension mountain bikes are welcome, but may not provide the best user-experience due to their weight and suspension characteristics.

3. Start Small & Work Your Way Up

If you are unfamiliar with jump lines, warm up on the pump track and use the far left line of the main jump lines to ensure your comfort and safety. Pump tracks are a great way to increase your fitness and bike handling skills.

4. Be a Good Steward

Please respect park closures and do not ride when the park is muddy. Unleashed dogs, graffiti, open fires, and e-bikes are not allowed.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering at 9 Line or have any questions, concerns, or to report vandalism or misuse of this facility we would love to hear from you.

Please email us at and use “9 Line Bike Park” in the subject line of your email.