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Finance & Payroll | Workday

Workday Core Finance is HERE!

Finance functions in Workday went live July 5! This go-live includes: Budget, Banking & Settlement, Financial Accounting, Customer Accounts, Business Assets, Gifts, Expenses, Procurement, Supplier Accounts, Grant Management and Projects.

Training Approach

Unlike the Time and Absence Training, which was needed for employees across the city, Finance Core training is very specialized to specific roles and tasks in the new system.

Training Materials

Employees who did not attend the live training will be able to access the recorded training videos, job aids and training PowerPoints for just-in time use (when they need it) in early July. All training materials will be available on the User Resource page and Workday Learning. There will also be in person office hours for individuals to bring specific questions to the Finance workstream leads in the months of July and August. Click here for a list of upcoming office hours.

Need Finance Specific Workday Security Permissions?

Security roles are assigned based on your every day work tasks. If you do it as a fill in for someone on vacation, delegation will be used. If you feel you need a security role for your everyday job duties and do not have it, please fill out the Workday System Requests form: The returned form will be reviewed by the Workday security team and workstream leads to consider business process and need of delegation of authority. It will also be shared with your supervisor for their approval.

Workstream Leads

If you have specific questions, please reach out to the Workstream over each functional area:

  • Banking & Settlement: Sam Kenney and Jared Jenkins
  • Business Assets: Janeale Page (Airport only), Kristal Callaway and Jared Rollins
  • Budgets: Randy Hillier and Sandee Moore
  • Customer Accounts: Arturo Garcia and Alicia Armstrong
  • Expenses: Cori Moore
  • Financial Accounting: Russ Sundquist and Suzanne Swanson
  • Gifts: Aaron Price and Amy Dorsey
  • Grants: Amy Dorsey
  • Procurement: Chris Jennings and Cat Turner
  • Projects: Aaron Price and Mike Atkinson
  • Supplier Accounts: Chris Jennings and Cat Turner

Finance Core Trainings

For recorded Finance Core trainings, PowerPoints and job aids please check out the Workday User Resource page.

Technology Changes

Workday IS replacing:

  • OneSolution
  • Airport Budgeting Program
  • Airventory
  • Cornerstone
  • 200 Edits
  • Kronos
  • Payroll Administration (25+ programs)
  • Bank Access
  • Cashiering System (new system called Teller implementing 2023)
  • TM1/Limelight
  • CAMP
  • EDS
  • POPS
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cognos
  • Checksuite.
  • *This is not an exhaustive list.

Workday is NOT replacing:

  • Accela
  • Active Directory
  • Cartegraph
  • Laserfiche
  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
  • PUBS.
  • Telestaff
  • PEHP
  • Corestream
  • URS.
  • Revenue Management at Airport and Public Utilities
  • Investment Management
The image above provides a visual representation of our existing web of financial and human resources software systems. Systems with a white star in the upper right corner will be replaced.