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Salt Lake City to Resume Fares at Parking Meters

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SALT LAKE CITY – In an effort to support Salt Lake City businesses that need patrons to be able to access convenient, short-term parking, the City will resume enforcing its paid metered parking in two weeks. As part of the City’s early adjustments in response to COVID-19, enforcement of metered parking was suspended in March. After consultation with local businesses that rely on curbside pickup to conduct business, a need for spots to change over more frequently became apparent. 

This change will affect metered parking only. Otherwise legally parked cars throughout the City will still be able to park without time limitations.

“We want to support our local businesses as they continue to grapple with the significant economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is one way the City can help,” said Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “We are glad we were able to suspend enforcement for the time we did, and understand it was helpful as many street-level businesses were closed. Now that they’ve re-opened, there is a need for people to be able to access that convenient, short-term, on-street parking.” 

“Downtown shoppers and diners have more parking options when street parking time limits are enforced. Shops and restaurants need street parking stalls to turn over frequently, particularly now with most customers picking up orders to go,” said Dee Brewer, executive director of the Downtown Alliance. “We appreciate the City working to support the evolving needs of local businesses throughout this crisis.”

The City will begin outreach and warnings to cars parked at meters for two weeks to alert users that a change is coming, after which parking enforcement of paid meters will begin. Paid parking hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., for a maximum of 2 hours, Monday through Friday. Saturdays are free, with a 2-hour maximum. There are no restrictions on Sundays unless otherwise posted. 

Enforcement of some parking violations was suspended March 29 to encourage residents to stay home as much as possible. Enforcement remains suspended for the following parking ordinances: Time Limited Parking on Certain Streets Salt Lake City Code 12.56.450; Using Streets for Storage Prohibited Salt Lake City Code Section 12.56.520; Using Streets for Storage of Motor Homes, Boats and Trailers Prohibited Salt Lake City Code Section 12.56.525; No Stopping or Parking; Color Markings and Signs Salt Lake City Code Section 12.56.310(B).


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