Salt Lake City

Council District 1

The Westside – Fairpark, Jordan Meadows, Rose Park, Westpointe

SLC’s New Water Reclamation Facility

Overheada view of the water reclamation site

Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities recently gave me a tour of the new Water Reclamation Facility currently under construction. The new facility will meet all the new federal and state requirements and replace the current facility which is nearly 55 years old and approaching the end of its useful life.

The new Water Reclamation Facility was designed and built as a model project; it is highly sustainable, offers educational aspects for the public, and was constructed to the highest environmental standards. Pre-planning and sustainable efforts have already saved millions of dollars on the facility.

A benefit I am especially excited about will help with something we have become all too familiar with here in District One – the smell! Instead of using open drying beds, the new facility will be enclosed with clean air scrubbers to reduce the smell of treatment.

Did you know the current treatment facility has achieved 28 years of peak performance awards of compliance? Only eight other facilities in the country have reached this achievement.

Learn more about the new facility by watching this video and visiting

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