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The Westside – Fairpark, Jordan Meadows, Rose Park, Westpointe

Rose Park Lane Annexation and Rezone

The Council is considering a proposal from a property owner that would help facilitate the construction of an apartment building with up to 1,800-units. The proposal includes two parts, both of which the Council will vote on:

  • Annexation of land into Salt Lake City
    About 28 acres of property located at 2440 N, 2441 N, and 2462 N Rose Park Lane are proposed to be added or annexed into Salt Lake City.

    The properties are located within Salt Lake County but are not part of any city or town, meaning the property is “unincorporated.” Salt Lake City owns one parcel of land (2440 N Rose Park Lane), but it is not within city limits.
  • Rezone 2350 N Rose Park Lane from Agricultural (AG) to Residential/Mixed Use (R-MU)
    2350 N Rose Park Lane is currently within Salt Lake City boundaries. This property and 2441 N Rose Park Lane are used for horse boarding and storage for outdoor equipment. Learn more about SLC’s zoning.

If the request is approved, the property owner states they intend to construct a mixed-use, multi-family residential building with up to 1,800 units on the 2350 N. and 2441 N. properties.

The City- and State-owned properties (2440 N and 2462 N Rose Park Ln) are included in this request to help keep the proposed city boundary lines clean. These properties are proposed to remain open space and would not be developed as part of this request.

Proposed Zoning

Parcel addressParcel ownerLocalityProposed ZoneProperty Description
2350 N Rose Park Ln.
Privately-owned, Hunter StablesSalt Lake CityResidential/Mixed Use (R-MU)

Currently zoned Agricultural (AG)
Proposed location for future residential building.

Currently used for horse boarding and outdoor equipment storage.
2441 N Rose Park Ln.Privately-owned, Hunter StablesUnincorporated Salt Lake CountyResidential/Mixed Use (R-MU)Proposed location for future residential building.

Currently used for horse boarding and outdoor equipment storage.
2440 N Rose Park Ln.Salt Lake City Corp.Unincorporated Salt Lake CountyOpen Space (OS)Owned by SLC for open space or park.
2462 N Rose Park Ln.State of UtahUnincorporated Salt Lake CountyOpen Space (OS)Functions as part of the Jordan River Off-Highway Vehicle State Park

Project Location

Arial map of location of the proposed rezone. Includes boundaries for Salt Lake City and Davis County.

Figure 2 – Courtesy of SLC Planning Division

Next Steps

The Council will vote on this item at a future meeting (date to be determined). 

Comments may be still shared anytime online, by email at, or by phone at 801-535-7654. 

Meeting Recaps

September 19 Public Hearing 

A public hearing was held at the Tuesday, September 19 City Council meeting. The Council closed the hearing and will vote on this request at a future meeting (date to be determined). 

Comments may still be shared 24/7 online, by emailing, or by phone at 801-535-7654.  

Watch public hearing 

August 15, 2023 Briefing

The Council received a briefing and discussed this proposal during its work session meeting. The discussion included concerns about access to transit and road access and the potential impact noise pollution may have on future residents from the nearby freeway.

The applicant and Council discussed the possibility of entering into a “development agreement” to address some of the concerns that were raised. A development agreement is a contract between a city and a developer that outlines specific requirements a developer must follow when constructing a project.


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