Salt Lake City

Council District 1

The Westside – Fairpark, Jordan Meadows, Rose Park, Westpointe

Comments from 2019 Night Out Against Crime Event

What do I love about the WESTSIDE?

My entire family has lived on the Westside. I love the family environment and the schools. I wouldn’t live anywhere else! – Melissa

Jordan River Park Trail! Fisher Mansion!

Councilman Rogers!

It’s great! I raise my kids on the Westside.

I enjoy living on the Westside because it’s been home my whole life. Every culture is represented and we have great pride – Natalie

There are so many opportunities to be involved and help the youth of our community! – Hollie

I love the diversity. I’ve lived here my whole life and love how it feels like home – Tina

I have loved giving my kids the experience living with a great, diverse community of people! – Erin

I love the diversity of the west side. I have neighbors that speak Spanish, English, Russian, Vietnamese, Tongan, Samoan, and more! I <3 it!!

It’s a beautiful community! It’s great to raise our kids here. I love it!

The West Side is the Best Side!

The diversity and opportunities.

I love the Westside because it’s where I was raised, and I’ve had the best moments of my life here – Isaias L.

I love the Westside because of the people – DKR

¿Por qué me gusta? Por la gente, las escuelas, los parques y todo lo que está a mi alrededor.

Me gusta por la seguridad que brinda el área.

The family and the culture.

I love the Westside because I feel safe here.

Because this place is what you call HOME – Capone V.

My family is here and the people are nice. – Ida Y.

Diversity, the sense of family, respect, and love.

I <3 the community and the people! – Sister C.

The vibrant community! – Maggie

People helping people.

I love the people and the parks. – Salayhar

Proximity to downtown SLC. – Janae

Traffic! Any direction is good, neighborhood is friendly!

One thing I like about the Westside is the diversity of people in school. – Ezra

It is near school and all of my friends live in my neighborhood. – Rey

Me gusta porque es un área tranquila.

Because it is very affordable to live and quiet and friendly community.

I love being near 2 parks here that I take my grandchildren to. I love this “night out” every year.

All the friends and memories I made here.

I like the last bit of farm land out on the west side because it’s so close to the city!

I like the peaceful environment.

West Side has a lot of history.

We are the closest community and we always have each other’s back.

So since I came to the US, I have lived in the Rose Park Area. I love it because it has good neighbors and all the people are good with everybody and I feel me and all my family are safe. – Adalid

I love living here because of the diversity, affordability, and the park – Cordelia

It feels like a family every day, no one is a stranger. – Molo

Diversity of languages, I can hear different languages every time I go get a haircut. – Joél

I love living down here because of the communities. I love the bonds everyone shares. I love all the people I meet. – Kevin H.

I love living down below. I love to bond with everyone. I love all the people I met here. This place is home <3 – Mo

Location is great! Neighbors are also great! – Suzzane M.

The Diversity of the community! – Felix O.

I love how everyone is family out here and Westside is the best side. – Anthony W

I was born here and the culture is always changing from new people coming here – Jaysen J.

What do I love about the Westside? I love the people that live here. Everyone is nice and friendly, and also caring. Lots of people helping the community – Abraham

Great neighborhoods, good people + the Jordan River Parkway!! – Sara

I love the people and the houses – Shakylah

Access to work and transportation – Michelle

Nice place and nice people – Thazin

Because it is peaceful – Salayhar


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