Salt Lake City

Council District 1

The Westside – Fairpark, Jordan Meadows, Rose Park, Westpointe

Small Business Showcase

Store front illustration

Small Business Showcase

Following suggestions from last month, here are several small businesses submitted to showcase for Mom and Pop Business Owners Day on March 29.

  • All Chay for unbelievable Vietnamese cuisine, westsiders give plenty of praise for their food.
  • Star of India is a locally owned restaurant that has been serving the Westside since 1990.
  • That Sandwich Shop, beloved deli that has been around since 2005. The perfect spot to grab lunch.
  • Don Daniel’s Mexican Grill and Cantina has been around for over 15 years serving up amazing tacos and Mexican fare on the Westside.
  • Lofte’s Bar and Grill is the place to go to meet your mood for an adventurous burger — close to the airport and a favorite for its friendly people.
  • La Hacienda on Redwood is a family-owned local business that first began in 1996 in Salt Lake City.
  • Sabor Latino has been around since 2000 and serves authentic Latina American cuisine. 

Restaurants are certainly not the only businesses on the Westside.

  • Neil’s Pro Service auto repair shop has been a reliable place for westsiders for over 60 years, 801-521-0604
  • African Roots is a company owned by refugees from Congo. They make aprons, jewelry, accessories, and clothing and help inspire entrepreneurship in the community.

These businesses have been well-loved by the Westside every day of the year. Thank you for being here and adding vibrancy to our incredible community.


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