Salt Lake City

Council District 3

The Avenues, Capitol Hill, Federal Heights, Guadalupe, Marmalade

About District 3

Council District 3 extends east from Interstate 15 to North Campus Drive, and from South Temple north up to the Davis County border. It includes the beautiful City Creek and City Creek Canyon, which people from around the valley frequent to run, bike, hike, and walk.

Historic homes and winding streets with unique names and lettering systems set our neighborhoods apart, as do neighborhood shops and businesses.

Beautiful Memory Grove Park is a favorite of dogs, dog owners and photographers alike, and the State Capitol Building is a hub of political activity every January through March. District 3 features beautiful and historic houses of worship include the Cathedral of the Madeline and the Salt Lake Temple and its surrounding square.

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Area Parks

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
Salt Lake City has a history of caring for and stewarding parks dating back to the dedication of the first major public park in the City, Liberty Park, in 1882. It stands as an example of a public park that serves a multitude of uses while preserving urban green space. [...]

Area Schools

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
The Salt Lake City School District’s primary goal is to provide every student with equitable access to high quality and culturally relevant instruction, curriculum, support, and other educational resources to ensure college and career readiness. [...]

City Creek Canyon / Memory Grove

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
The majority of City Creek Canyon is owned by Salt Lake City. However, some segments are owned by the federal government, and a few scattered parcels are privately owned. City Creek Canyon extends approximately ten miles in a north-easterly direction from the Salt Lake City center. [...]

Corrine & Jack Sweet Library

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
The Sweet Library is the sister branch of the Anderson-Foothill Library using the same modular design. The branch contains more than 8,000 square feet of service space, including a public meeting room used for a variety of community gathering needs, [...]

Ensign Peak Trail

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
Ensign Peak is at the north end of the Salt Lake Valley, above the State Capitol building. The peak holds historical significance to the Salt Lake Valley and its early settlers. Upon entering the valley, Mormon Pioneer Brigham Young and a small party climbed to the summit and using a spy glass surveyed the valley, [...]

The Historic Governor’s Mansion

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
Located on 603 East South Temple, The Governor’s Mansion is the official residence of the Governor of Utah and family. It was built in 1902 by the prominent mining magnate, U.S. Senator Thomas Kearns and was designed by notable Utah architect Carl M. Neuhausen, [...]

Marmalade Library

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
The Marmalade Library is the anchor of redevelopment in the Marmalade/West Capitol Hill area of the city. The Library is a hub for neighborhood gatherings, with 18,000 square feet of space that supports the growing community. [...]

Popperton Plots – Avenues Community Garden

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
Through the efforts of the Avenues Community Council and Wasatch Community Gardens, Popperton Plots was born in 2013 after Salt Lake City announced it had set aside space in several parks for community garden use. [...]

Salt Lake City Cemetery

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
As the largest municipal cemetery in the US, people from all over the world come to honor the dead, visit notable resting sites, perform genealogical research, and walk the grounds among many other activities. [...]

Temple Square

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
Temple Square provokes an image of Salt Lake City like no other. It is home to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that draws worldwide attention. The historic character, spiritual context and spectacular gardens create a unique setting. [...]

Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Project Areas

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
Redevelopment agencies are a tool used by local governments to implement community development goals. Redevelopment projects are designed to spur additional growth, [...]

Avenues Neighborhood

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
The Avenues became Salt Lake City's first neighborhood in the 1850s. Named after the perfectly grid-like, closely laid out roads called Avenues and streets, the Avenues community is ideally located between the City center and the Wasatch Mountains. [...]

Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
The Capitol Hill neighborhood is home to the Utah State Capitol Building. The neighborhood is in close proximity to downtown and mountain foothills. Atop the residential area above the State Capitol Building you will find the Ensign Peak trailhead. [...]

Federal Heights Neighborhood

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
The Federal Heights neighborhood is located in the northeast corner of Salt Lake City, below the Block “U” that is built into the hillside of the Wasatch Mountains. The neighborhood was built in the 1900s when the federal government upgraded nearby Fort Douglas to Regimental Headquarters. [...]

Guadalupe Neighborhood

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
The Guadalupe Neighborhood is located between North Temple and 600 North and Interstate-15 and the railroad tracks at 500 West. Guadalupe was established as an agricultural village by Mormon settlers soon after their arrival in 1847 and was divided into large lots on ten-acre blocks. [...]

Marmalade Neighborhood

Posted on:March 31st, 2024
This modest, well-preserved neighborhood earns its name from orchards of apricot and pear trees planted here in the early 20th century. Remnants of these orchards can be seen everywhere from the historic parks to the street names. [...]