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Mano’s Meeting Thoughts: November 9, 2021

Below is my recap of our meetings from November 9, 2021.

Council Work Session Meeting


  • COVID: The entire state of Utah is in the “high” transmission rate. ICU Utilization is above 90%. The statewide average is still high and overall cases are up 25% from last week. The vaccine is available for everyone aged 5 and up. About 5,800 children have received their first shot. Currently there are a lot of clinics at elementary schools. You can also call 2-1-1 to find a free ride to a vaccine clinic. Find a vaccine near you.
  • HOMELESSNESS: Total shelter occupancy is at just under 98%. The last outreach event is scheduled on the 30th but the location is T.B.D. Cleanings and camp abatements have continued and happen several times per week. The state Homelessness Council was meeting during our meeting and the mayor was attending that meeting. The council is actively working on emergency shelter options for this winter.
  • POLICING: Chief gave us an update on SLC’s 2021 crime control plan. This includes short, medium, and long term strategies. Regarding staffing, we are currently offering a signing bonus of $2500 for a trained lateral hire. We are also offering a $2500 referral bonus for current officers who bring someone into the department. We are also looking into housing incentives and the take home car program to help officers. We also talked about the civilian responder and call diversion program(s) that we are working on to add more ways to respond to the residents’ needs than just with a sworn officer.


AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN FUNDING PROPOSAL: The mayor gave us another presentation about her proposal for use of the American Rescue Plan Money. She characterized it as investing in fewer things but with a deeper impact. There are a few entirely new programs recommended including investment in quality early education, funding and a new Park Ranger program, and a Westside Community Land Initiative (community land trust). Other uses include a community grant pool (money for nonprofits), an extension of the Community Commitment Program (encampment clean ups), and replacing the lost tax revenues we have experienced during the pandemic.

SORENSON IMPACT CENTER SOCIAL INVESTMENT STUDY: This was a follow-up discussion about the most debated item in the Mayor’s ARPA investment proposal. This proposal would invest $250K for a phase 2 study and later $10M for investment in early education funding. In general it seems like everyone agrees that this is a need in our community but there are concerns raised that this should be funded by other governments such as the school board or the county. There is also a concern that because this is an ongoing need proposed to be funded by a one-time revenue source, it will end once the ARPA money ends. Additionally, there is a complicated pay-for-success funding model being proposed which I am still failing to understand.

BUDGET AMENDMENT NUMBER 4: This budget amendment includes several of the items in the Mayor’s ARPA funding request. It also uses some fund balance as well as some of our above projected sales tax revenue. The total is $2.8M in expenditures in this BAM. There are many items included in this amendment but today we discussed the following: Cyber Insurance, Gas to Electric Lawn Mower Exchange, Covid Safety Improvements to the City and County Building, Vehicles for the new Community Health Access Team (CHAT), a city employment salary survey, a Sugarhouse Special Assessment Area analysis, Sorenson Impact Center Study (for the idea discussed earlier), and Rose Park Golf Course Water and Energy Efficiency.

MASTER LEASE AGREEMENT – JP MORGAN CHASE BANK: This is an agreement with SLC and Chase Bank for purchases and leases of vehicles used by city departments.

ANNEXATION AT ROSE PARK LANE AND 2350 NORTH (HUNTER STABLES): This is some land that we are considering annexing into Salt Lake City. Currently the property is in unincorporated SL County. Our first action on this is just to formally accept the application and start the process of analyzing this annexation. Additionally steps will be needed in order to finalize this annexation.

BOARD APPOINTMENTS: Today we met Nathan Manuel and Clayton Scrivner who are both being appointed to the PNUT Board which advises us on Parks, Natural Lands, Urban Forestry, and Trails. If you’re interested in serving your city, check out the boards you can apply for at

DISTRICT ONE COUNCIL VACANCY INTERVIEW: We had 4 applicants for the very short (8 week) vacancy that CM James Rogers left open prior to the new term starting in January. It was atypical because, in this vacancy process, we already knew that we would be appointing the winner of the election who is Victoria Petro. But the candidates used their time to share views and ideas about the city. I wish that we could give time on our agendas for all the candidates who ran for office this year in other districts.

Formal Meeting


  • UNIVERSITY IVORY HOUSE REZONE (U OF U CAMPUS): This property is owned by the LDS Church but they are entering a partnership with the Ivory Foundation in order to provide student housing. Revenues from the rents will go toward scholarships. The 3 comments we heard were from individuals connected with the project and were, of course, supportive of it. The council closed the public hearing and deferred action.
  • TECHNOLOGY RELATED LAND USE AMENDMENTS: This adds some additional specificities to our zoning ordinance to address new land uses related to new modern technologies. No comments, closed and deferred.
  • DIGITAL DONATION PROGRAM: This is a program which will give the city’s old computers to families who aren’t able to otherwise afford a computer in their homes. No comments, closed and adopted.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: George Chapman was the only general commenter tonight and spoke about ARPA funds, policing, and a few other items.


  • DISTRICT 1 COUNCIL VACANCY APPOINTMENT: Victoria Petro was appointed to fill the vacancy and is now a full member of our City Council. Congrats go to her for this appointment and especially for a successful campaign. I look forward to working with you.
  • ANNEXATION AT ROSE PARK LANE AND 2350 NORTH (HUNTER STABLES): We formally accepted the application.

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