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100 South: University Street to North Campus Drive

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In 2025, Salt Lake City will reconstruct 100 South between University Street and North Campus Drive, near The University of Utah to refresh the roadway for future and continuing use.

This stretch of 100 South has been identified in Salt Lake City’s 2015 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan and the team will be evaluating options to add bicycle facilities. Salt Lake City anticipates that a roadway reconfiguration may be needed to better accommodate pedestrians and bicycles in this area. No final decisions have been made, and we will have a concept design available as soon as possible for review and comment.

The 100 South Reconstruction Project will provide a safer and more comfortable multi-modal roadway for all users. This project will also address the deteriorating roadway condition of 100 South. This project will interface with the previous reconstruction project completed on the corridor in 2021, from 900 East to University Street.

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Summer 2024Community outreach and draft conceptual design development
Fall 2024 Design
Winter 2024Final design
Spring 2025Anticipated contractor selection
Late Spring 2025Anticipated start to construction

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900 East to University Street Reconstruction (COMPLETE 2021)


Salt Lake City reconstructed 100 South in the summer of 2021, to address failing pavement conditions and replace the storm drain and curb and gutter along the corridor. Some sections of sidewalk and driveway approaches were reconstructed. After construction, the project left two lanes of traffic in each direction. Concurrent with construction, some public utilities improvements were made including replacement of some sections of the water main and slip lining the existing sewer line to extend its service life.

The project addressed some of the safety concerns we heard from the public, primarily by shortening crossing lengths with the use of “bulb-outs.” Bulb-outs are widened sections of curb on either side of a crosswalk that shorten the walking distance for pedestrians and help slow cross-traffic.  This project installed bulb-outs on the east side of Lincoln St. and all corners of 1000 East and 1200 East. The intersection of University Street and 100 South was fully reconstructed to improve safety. Other changes included wider corners to better align the traffic lanes from east to west, bulb-outs to shorten the crossing lengths, new traffic signals and some additional trees and landscaping. The realignment of the intersection helped remove the dedicated right-turn lanes that existed on the north and east legs. This small change may have added a few seconds of additional travel time, but offers a significant reduction in the potential for pedestrian/auto crashes. The mid-block crossing at McClelland Street will also be improved with a raised center median, trees and new paint to make it more visible to cross-traffic. An additional pedestrian call button was also added in the center.

Project Area

Street Design

100 South Cross Section

Project Timeline

Fall/Winter 2019Community outreach, input gathering, and draft conceptual design development
Winter/Spring 2020 City design team develops engineering
drawings based on the conceptual design.
Fall/Winter 2020Final design
Spring 2021Contractor Selection
Summer/Fall 2021Construction

What We Heard

Preliminary design plans were completed based on public input, City master plans, as well as traffic and corridor analyses. Click below to download the 100 South survey raw data.


This project was funded through the 2018 voter-approved Funding Our Future street reconstruction bond. 

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