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California Avenue Pedestrian Safety Study

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Project Overview

During the 2022-23 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding cycle, residents from the Glendale area submitted a plan for a pedestrian safety study to be performed on California Avenue at the Glendale Drive and Concord Street intersections.

In May 2023, the study team collected traffic data, crash history, bus ridership, and observed the intersections at different times of the day. From the collected information, the team came up with ideas to improve safety and convenience for pedestrians along California Avenue. The ideas include:

  • Improved street lighting
  • A new median to provide pedestrian refuge when crossing California Avenue
  • Bulbouts at the intersections to shorten the crossing distance on California Avenue
  • Wider sidewalks on California Avenue to create more space for pedestrians

For more details on the information the study team collected, read the final report for the study.

A picture of an intersection along California Avenue.

Spring 2024 Update

In the Fall of 2023, the project team asked for feedback about the three alternatives during a resource fair at Mountain View Elementary School and the parents’ meeting at Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Center. The project was also presented at the Glendale Community Council and there was an online survey. 

Based upon feedback at the in-person events and the online survey, Alternative #3 had the most votes, followed by Alternative #1. Glendale residents applied for 2024-2025 Capital Improvement Program funds to build Alternative #3. The Community Development & Capital Improvement Program Advisory Board reviews the applications and will send project scores to the Mayor’s office in March 2024. The City Council will approve project-specific budgets in September 2024. Visit the Capital Improvement Program website to learn more.

Design Concepts

The draft designs are divided into three proposed plans shown below.


Spring 2023Pedestrian Safety Study was conducted
Summer/Fall 2023Concept design and comment period
Fall 2023CIP application process

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