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Sugar House Safe Side Streets

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A planted median at the entrance to Hollywood Avenue helps calm traffic entering a residential neighborhood

Update: Construction of the speed humps was completed at the end of 2023. The planned traffic circle on Ramona & 1000 East and the painted elements are planned for implementation during the 2024 construction season. The two traffic rings in the intersection of Ramona & 1000 East will remain in place until a permanent traffic circle is constructed.


The Sugar House Safe Side Streets project originated from a Constituent Capital Improvement Program request for funding to implement neighborhood traffic calming in a portion of Sugar House north of 2100 South. Plans developed for this study relied on traffic data, community input, and a constrained budget to address key concerns throughout the study area.

Thank You for Your Input!

Thank you to everyone who has actively participated in the Sugar House Safe Side Streets project development. Your feedback and insights have played a vital role in shaping project outcomes.

Over the lifespan of this project, staff have gathered community feedback and concerns, considered budget limitations, and worked to meet the project’s primary goal of slowing down traffic to create safer streets for everyone.

Final Design

After thorough analysis and incorporating your valuable feedback, staff developed the final design for the project. Speed cushions (with cutouts spaced for emergency vehicle wheel wells, but not personal vehicles) were placed on 1000 East and Ramona Ave, following Neighborhood Byway design guidelines. Speed humps (without cutouts) were installed on the other streets in the project area. A new traffic circle will be constructed at the intersection of 1000 East and Ramona Ave in late 2024. This design represents a balance between safety, traffic flow, and budget considerations, ensuring that the community’s needs are met effectively.

What to Expect Next

The remaining elements of the project as shown in the final design (traffic circle and additional striping and signage) will be constructed during the next construction season in 2024. The website will be updated and residents will be informed of any developments as the project progresses.

Adjacent Construction Projects

The project team is working closely with the 2100 South and 1100 East project teams to ensure a coordinated approach to mitigate impacts to adjacent neighborhoods during the construction of those two projects. As construction plans are finalized, the project team will communicate next steps to the community.

Existing Traffic Calming Elements

Existing Traffic Calming Elements

Existing Conditions and Recommendations Report (Fall 2022)

Existing Conditions and Recommendations Report (Fall 2022)

An evaluation of the study area revealed:

• Regardless of collection period, Hollywood Ave sees the highest vehicle volumes of the east-west streets

• North-south streets see higher vehicle speeds, though 85th percentile speeds throughout the study are not exceptionally high

• Injury crashes are largely limited to the perimeter of the study area

Please view the document below for the full existing conditions summary and area recommendations from Fall 2022. Current designs differ from the original recommendations in this document.

Temporary Intersection Installation - Summer 2023

Temporary Intersection Installation – Summer 2023

In May 2023, staff placed a total of ten 4-foot-wide concrete traffic rings in the roadway. The City already owned these rings and there were no additional material costs associated with their installation. The placement of the rings and accompanying striping will help to calm traffic along 1000 East and reduce cut-through traffic on Ramona Avenue. This placement will narrow the vehicle travel lanes, diverting vehicles to the inside of the roadway and create an intended slowing effect on vehicles making turn movements onto Ramona Avenue. Most rings were removed in October 2023, but the rings at the intersection of Ramona and 1000 E will remain there until late 2024 when the permanent traffic circle is constructed.

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