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Rio Grande Plan Screening Analysis

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Snow-covered railroad tracks.

Project Overview

The Rio Grande Plan (RGP), a citizen-generated concept, proposes to realign heavy freight rail (Union Pacific), regional commuter rail (FrontRunner), and Amtrak rail under 500 West, by way of a “train box.” The RGP states that the relocation of rail infrastructure would open 75 acres of industrial land for re-development. The centerpiece of The RGP is the historic Rio Grande Depot, which would be restored and repurposed to become the hub of transit in the city and region. This new depot would accommodate Union Pacific, UTA FrontRunner, Amtrak, as well regional rail services such as TRAX light rail.

The purpose of The Rio Grande Concept Plan Screening Analysis was to review The RGP by applying existing design standards, performing preliminary engineering analysis, and engaging in stakeholder discussions to determine the potential size of the train box (depth, width, horizontal limits), its potential impacts on intersections up and downstream of the train box, potential impacts to the existing floodplain, underground utilities and other physical factors, and the potential of freeing up land for development. The analysis does not make a recommendation but identifies key issues and provides decision-makers preliminary information about the costs and benefits of such an undertaking so that they can decide whether the concept merits further detailed study.

The executive summary of the Rio Grande Plan Screening Analysis
The executive summary of the Rio Grande Plan Screening Analysis