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Shared Mobility

What’s Happening:

In July 2018, the first dockless scooter companies launched in Salt Lake City. Over the past 18 months, Salt Lake City has been piloting the use of Dockless Shared Micro-Mobility devices, mainly e-scooters.Throughout this time Salt Lake City Transportation Division has been creating an ordinance based on public comments, lessons learned, and best practices from around the country. A draft ordinance has been created and we are asking for your feedback.

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What do we mean by Shared Mobility?

Shared mobility is the official term for bikeshares and dockless scooter/bicycle systems. Shared mobility devices provide users an option to rent personal transportation for one-way trips.

For now, users in Salt Lake have the choice of GREENbike and e-scooters from several companies:






How does it work?

A shared mobility device is rented to the public from multiple locations within a city. To begin the rental process companies typically require users to download and app to unlock the device, or in the case of GreenBike, use a kiosk at a station.

When finished with a trip on a dockless e-scooter users should park the device anywhere between sidewalk and the curb . Where you might see a bench or a trash can, but not blocking pedestrian walkways.

How can you be a courteous user?

Salt Lake City prohibits sidewalk riding in the downtown area to keep riders and pedestrians safe.

If you are using an e-scooter or bike you must ride in the street in bicycle lanes or travel lanes.



Be courteous and thoughtful of pedestrians and bicyclists when you are parking a dockless e-scooter.

The general rule of thumb is you can park a shared dockless device between the sidewalk and the curb as long as it is not adjacent to:

  • A bike rack
  • A lamp post, or other street pole
  • UTA bus stop sign
  • On the sidewalk where it will impede ADA access and the general flow of people

You cannot park a shared bicycle or scooter:

  • Within 50 feet of a GREENbike station
  • At a UTA bus or TRAX stop/station
  • In parking spots dedicated to cars

Questions or Concerns?

For more information on shared mobility, to ask a question, or file a complaint – please email