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Downtown Building Heights & Street Activation Updates

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Downtown Building Heights

The Council is reviewing a proposal to create new requirements to allow for taller buildings and make it easier for pedestrians to move around downtown. The proposed changes aim to accommodate and promote growth while improving the livability of the downtown area by requiring new developments designed for human comfort and safety with features that are easy and accessible for pedestrians.

The changes would affect the following zoning districts:

  • Downtown Central Business District (D-1)
  • Downtown Support (D-2)
  • Downtown Warehouse (D-3)
  • Downtown Secondary Business District (D-4)
  • Gateway Mixed Use (G-MU)
  • General Commercial (GC)
  • Form Based districts (FB-UN 1 and FB-UN2)

Learn more about SLC’s zoning districts.

The Council may also consider changes to other related sections as part of this proposal. Learn more about the proposed changes.

Council Discussions

April 4 Briefing

The Council received a briefing on a proposal to create new requirements to allow for taller buildings and more pedestrian-friendly streets in the downtown and adjacent areas. The proposed changes aim to promote growth while improving livability through amenities, open space, safety features, and pedestrian access.  

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April 4 Council Staff Report 


April 18 Public Hearing 

The Council held a public hearing to discuss the proposed Downtown Building Height and Street Activation updates. During the hearing, residents shared their feedback on the proposed changes. Comments included concerns about some changes being applied to other areas of the City, impacts to the environment, potential displacement, and loss of sightlines to downtown. The Council voted to continue the public hearing to May 2 for further discussion and consideration of the community’s concerns. 

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May 2 Public Hearing  

At the continued public hearing on the Downtown Building Heights and Street Activations proposal, residents shared their feedback on the proposed changes. A resident expressed concern that the changes could have unintended consequences for the FB-UN2 zone, and the Council should consider limiting or removing the proposed changes. Another shared that the changes could create barriers to the development of a proposed Home Depot store. The Council closed the public hearing and will vote on the proposal at a future meeting.  

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May 16 Briefing 

The Council held a follow-up discussion on the Downtown Building Heights and Street Activations updates. During the meeting, several straw polls were taken to clarify majority viewpoints to inform future action. The Council expressed support to: 

  • maintain the effective date of the proposed ordinance,  
  • require step backs for multi-family residential developments next to zoning districts with a maximum height of 30 feet,  
  • keep the proposed changes for the FB-UN 2 zone,  
  • remove step backs in the D-1 zone,  
  • Explore more information about requiring bird-friendly glass,  
  • retain the current step back requirements for buildings in the Sugar House Business District, 
  • retain current height limits in the D-4 zone and,  
  • retain the proposed height limit in the G-MU zone.   

The Council is tentatively scheduled to vote on this proposal in June.  

Watch the Discussion 

May 16 Staff Report 

Project Timeline

Council Briefings

April 4, 2023

May 16, 2023

Public Hearings

April 18, 2023

May 2, 2023

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