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Council Meetings

The Council is currently meeting in a hybrid meeting format. Hybrid meetings allow people to join online or in person at the City & County Building and remain mindful of existing COVID-19 protocols and gathering limits. A maximum of 24 people, including Council Members and City staff, will be permitted in the meeting room. If capacity has been reached in the primary meeting room, overflow space will be provided. Social distancing will be maintained.

Public Health Information: Masks are no longer required in City Facilities, but are welcome for any attendees who prefer to continue using them. We will continue to monitor the situation and take any reasonable precautions for the public and staff.

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Meeting Schedule

View the 2022 Council meeting schedule on the City events calendar or download a PDF here.

Meetings in addition to those listed may be held or canceled as circumstances may require, subject to applicable public notice requirements.

Notice of each meeting is given at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting as required by State law. An agenda of each meeting is posted on the Council’s agenda portal and the State of Utah Public Notice website.

Agendas, Supporting Documents, Meeting Videos

Visit the Council’s agenda portal for meeting agendas, supporting documents, and videos. Learn how to participate in the meeting online.

For official meeting minutes, please visit the City’s Infobase.

Public Comments During Council Meetings

The public can give comments to the Council during their 7 p.m. formal meetings online through Webex or in person in Room 326 of the City and County Building. Registration is required for those who would like to speak. View instructions on how to join the next meeting online. A phone line will also be available for people whose only option is to call in.

Meetings Recaps

View quick summaries of each meeting. For the official meeting minutes, please visit the City’s Infobase.

Public Comments Received

All agenda-related comments received in the Council office by phone and email are shared with the Council Members and added to the public meeting record. View public comments received.

Mayor's Transmittals to the Council

Transmittals are information provided from the Mayor’s office to the Council. This includes formal proposals for the Council’s consideration. View transmittals received.