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Current Proposals

Listed below are some of the significant proposals the Council is currently working on. Check out the Council’s recent meeting agendas to see more proposals–both big and small–the Council has recently discussed and voted, or view proposals from the Mayor that have not yet been scheduled on a Council agenda.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Posted on:September 25th, 2018
The Council is considering changes to the City’s regulations for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), commonly known as mother-in-law apartments. The proposed changes would allow ADUs in more areas of the City. Currently, the only properties eligible for new, legal ADUs are those located ½-mile or less from a fixed transit stop for Front Runner, TRAX […]

Utah Inland Port Update

Posted on:July 20th, 2018
The creation of an inland port in Salt Lake City’s westside holds the promise of tremendous economic benefit for both the City and the State. An inland port is a distribution hub where goods are imported and exported via rail, truck, and air. Over the past few years the City has completed the master planning and […]

“Funding Our Future” Sales Tax Increase & G.O. Bond

Posted on:July 10th, 2018
The Council recently adopted a supplemental sales and use tax, which will increase Salt Lake City’s portion of sales tax by 0.5 percent, equal to 5 cents on a $10 purchase. The tax excludes groceries and large purchases like vehicles. Revenue could be used for City services and projects including but not limited to: streets […]

Northwest Quadrant

Posted on:June 25th, 2018
The Salt Lake City Council is committed to furthering responsible economic development in the northwest area of Salt Lake City, known as the Northwest Quadrant, which consists of thousands of acres of land prime for industries such as manufacturing, distribution and warehousing. The Utah State Legislature adopted a bill earlier this year designating a portion […]

Golf Funding

Posted on:March 27th, 2018
  SLC Golf Division Website Golf Resource Library

Homeless Resource Centers

Posted on:February 10th, 2018
If you’re confused about who is doing what to help Salt Lake City’s homeless population, we get it! It’s complicated because there are several groups working on many different projects. What the City Council has Done The City Council’s current effort is planning for two new Homeless Resource Centers that will provide shelter and important […]


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