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Listed below are some of the significant proposals the Council is currently working on. View a list of recently completed items.

Homeless Resource Center Text Amendment

Posted on:March 15th, 2023
The Council is reviewing a proposed new process for placing Homeless Resource Centers (HRCs) and homeless shelters within the City.

Northpoint Small Area Plan

Posted on:February 17th, 2023
The Council is reviewing the Northpoint Small Area Plan. A briefing was held at the Council’s Feb. 21 meeting and a public hearing is scheduled for March 7. Scroll down to learn more about the Northpoint Small Area Plan and watch the Feb. 21 discussion.

ADU Text Amendment

Posted on:January 20th, 2023
The Council is reviewing a city ordinance text amendment that may make it easier for property owners to have an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU. The proposal is intended to increase the number of ADUs in the city.

Transportation Projects

Posted on:December 3rd, 2022
The Council adopts plans and funds programs to help improve connectivity and grow our robust transportation network. [...]

Water Conservation Tips

Posted on:December 2nd, 2022
Water conservation is an especially pressing issue in Salt Lake City’s arid climate. Here are some tips and suggestions to help save water, and incidentally save yourself some money on your utility bill at the same time. Some of these options are as quick and easy as changing a daily habit, while others may involve […]

Electric Vehicle Readiness Off-street Parking Stalls Amendment

Posted on:December 1st, 2022
The Council is considering new electric vehicle (EV) standards for off-street parking at apartment buildings. The proposal would require 20% of off-street parking spaces at apartment buildings to be “EV-ready.” [...]

Fleet Block Rezone

Posted on:November 21st, 2022
The Council is reviewing a proposal from the Mayor's Administration to create a new zone (Form-Based Urban Neighborhood 3) and whether to apply that new zone to the 10-acre city block located between 300 and 400 West and 800 and 900 South, also known as the Fleet Block. [...]

General Obligation Bond & Sales Tax Bond

Posted on:August 4th, 2022
This November, Salt Lake City voters have an opportunity to vote on the Parks, Trails, and Open Space General Obligation (GO) Bond, which provides the opportunity to build on existing investments to enhance the public lands system.[...]

Homelessness in SLC

Posted on:June 17th, 2022
The Council has dedicated time and effort through legislative oversight and policy-setting authority over the last several years to supporting unsheltered community members. [...]

FY2022-23 City Budget

Posted on:May 18th, 2022
The Council-approved City Budget starts July 1, 2022, and ends June 30, 2023. Budget amendments happen several times a year to reflect adjustments to the adopted fiscal year budget. Amendments may include proposed project additions and modifications. [...]


Posted on:March 9th, 2022
Since 2016, affordable housing has been a top City Council priority when the Council adopted the Growing Salt Lake Housing Plan and created new funding for affordable housing. The Council and the Mayor’s Administration are working together to address Salt Lake City’s housing crisis by improving access to affordable housing and incentivizing the development of housing units.

Racial Equity & Policing

Posted on:November 15th, 2021
The Council and Mayor are working jointly to move full speed ahead on several fronts at once to address this issue. We are committed to continuing the conversation surrounding race and equity.[...]

Northwest Quadrant

Posted on:August 30th, 2019
The Salt Lake City Council is committed to furthering responsible economic development in the northwest area of Salt Lake City, known as the Northwest Quadrant, which consists of thousands of acres of land prime for industries such as manufacturing, distribution and warehousing. [...]