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Listed below are some of the significant proposals the Council is currently working on. View a list of recently completed items.

Community Benefit & Tenant Displacement Amendments

Posted on:February 16th, 2024
The City Council is considering several changes to City Code to implement policies identified in Thriving in Place. The proposed changes aim to prevent the loss of existing affordable housing, mitigate displacement, and encourage development that benefits the community. [...]

Homelessness in SLC

Posted on:January 5th, 2024
The Council has dedicated time and effort through legislative oversight and policy-setting authority over the last several years to supporting unsheltered community members. [...]

Landscaping & Buffers Chapter Amendments

Posted on:January 2nd, 2024
The City Council is reviewing a proposal to update the City’s landscaping ordinance. The Council will also consider a recommendation from the Planning Commission to prohibit the use of artificial turf in Salt Lake City. [...]

FY2023-24 City Budget

Posted on:December 21st, 2023
The Council-approved Fiscal Year 2023-24 (FY24) City Budget starts July 1, 2023, and ends June 30, 2024. Changes or adjustments to the adopted budget go through the budget amendment process. Amendments can happen several times yearly and include proposed project additions and modifications. The Council is currently considering Budget Amendment #4 for FY24 [...]

Sanctioned Camping Pilot Program

Posted on:December 20th, 2023
Salt Lake City has partnered with the Utah State Office of Homeless Services to launch a Temporary Microshelter Community at approximately 255 S. 600 W. The microshelter is a sanctioned camping pilot program to provide up to 50 people experiencing homelessness with safe, private living spaces and access to showers, food, case management, and other essential needs offered by community partners. [...]

754 S. State St Rezone

Posted on:February 17th, 2023
The Council is considering a proposal to rezone 10 parcels at approximately 754 S State Street. If approved, the property owner, Intermountain Healthcare, states they intend to redevelop the property and build a hospital. [...]

Transportation Projects

Posted on:December 3rd, 2022
The Council adopts plans and funds programs to help improve connectivity and grow our robust transportation network. [...]

Water Conservation Tips

Posted on:December 2nd, 2022
Water conservation is an especially pressing issue in Salt Lake City’s arid climate. Here are some tips and suggestions to help save water, and incidentally save yourself some money on your utility bill at the same time. Some of these options are as quick and easy as changing a daily habit, while others may involve […]


Posted on:March 9th, 2022
Since 2016, affordable housing has been a top City Council priority when the Council adopted the Growing Salt Lake Housing Plan and created new funding for affordable housing. The Council and the Mayor’s Administration are working together to address Salt Lake City’s housing crisis by improving access to affordable housing and incentivizing the development of housing units.

Racial Equity & Policing

Posted on:November 15th, 2021
The Council and Mayor are working jointly to move full speed ahead on several fronts at once to address this issue. We are committed to continuing the conversation surrounding race and equity.[...]