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Electric Vehicle Readiness Off-street Parking Stalls Amendment

The Council is considering new electric vehicle (EV) standards for off-street parking at apartment buildings. The proposal would require 20% of off-street parking spaces at apartment buildings to be “EV-ready.” EV-ready means the parking stalls will have the electrical infrastructure in place so an EV charging station can be installed in the future. Charging station installation is not a new requirement of this proposal. 

The proposed regulation would apply only to new construction or major renovation of apartment buildings.  

Salt Lake City currently requires 1 out of 25 off-street parking stalls to be equipped with an EV charging station. The new policy would add to the current requirement. 

Next Steps 

The Council will hold a public hearing on this proposal at a later Council meeting. Please visit the Council’s agenda page to confirm dates and times. 

Input may be shared anytime online, by email at, or by phone at 801-535-7654.  

Tuesday, Jan. 3 Meeting

The Council held a briefing on this proposal at its Jan. 3 meeting. View briefing.  

Courtesy of SLC Department of Sustainability 

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