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Salt Lake City Council Remembers Former Mayor Ted Wilson

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Salt Lake City Council Remembers Former Mayor Ted Wilson

Mayor Wilson served as Mayor of Salt Lake City from 1976 to 1985.

SALT LAKE CITY, April 12, 2024 – The City Council released the following statement on the passing of former mayor Ted Wilson.

“The Salt Lake City Council sends condolences to Mayor Ted L. Wilson’s family, and his friends across the Globe.

Mayor Wilson was a trailblazer and public servant in every sense—whether braving dangerous mountain terrain to rescue stranded hikers as a park ranger, or courageously leading the charge to change Salt Lake City’s form of government to the more accountable and representative one it is today. The Mayor-Council form of government ensured representation from all parts of the City and instituted the checks and balances of two branches of government: Administrative and Legislative.

Mayor Wilson’s leadership and dedication helped make Salt Lake City the wonderful place it is today. As Mayor, Ted Wilson played an important role in preserving the historic character of the Avenues through the establishment of the Historic District and zoning changes. Mayor Wilson’s legacy of protecting and valuing the natural environment is evident in the preservation of our Foothill areas and the preservation of Salt Lake City’s watershed. He also worked to invest in the City’s water and sewer systems, preventing them from falling into disrepair. Working with Western Airlines (acquired by Delta), he helped establish our airport as a major travel hub, providing Utahns access to more destinations.

We will remember Mayor Wilson fondly and with much gratitude for everything he did for the people of our City.”


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