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2200 West Construction and Resources

Updates under the “Construction Update from Scannell section.”

Construction projects are underway along 2200 W. Scannell Construction is in phase one of building a warehouse at approximately 2700 N. This construction was permitted to start because the zoning at the time allowed warehouses this size to be built. Because the zoning was already granted, the developer did not present the project before the Planning Commission or the Council. The Council is currently discussing the North Point Small Area plan, which will update the vision for this area and may result in zoning changes.

Sewer Connections

  • Part of the construction currently underway is installing a sewer line through 2200 West.
  • City properties within 300 feet of the new sewage line must install the line to their house.
  • For unincorporated County properties within 300 feet of the new sewer line, the County cannot require residents to connect to the City’s sewage system. Salt Lake City has a longstanding policy of not extending its sewer system outside the City’s boundaries. If these properties are annexed into Salt Lake City, they would be required to connect to the sewer system.
  • Under City code, property owners bear the responsibility for the cost of connecting to the public sewer and abandoning septic systems.
  • If you have questions related to the installation of the sewer lines, contact the Public Utilities Department at (801) 483-6900.
  • For questions about sewer line estimates, contact the Public Utilities Development Review office at (801) 483-6727.

Resources for Sewage:

Night Work

  • Scannell Construction’s nighttime work permits are issued through the Salt Lake County Health Department.
  • As a condition of the permit, the company must issue notices of night work at least 48 hours before work takes place to every residence within 800 feet of the project.
  • The County granted the permit on the understanding Scannell Construction would use white-noise backup beepers on their trucks and machinery to minimize the noise impact of the night work.
  • The permits are issued to conduct concrete pours, with the justification being that hotter daytime temperatures can compromise the integrity of the concrete.
  • The County anticipates Scannell Construction will continue to apply for nighttime work permits when cooler weather arrives.
  • Nighttime concrete pours are expected to continue through approximately mid-November, with advance notice provided to residents.
  • Please contact the Salt Lake County Health Department with any questions and concerns you have related to night work and noise. Their number is (385) 468-4100.
  • Please feel free to also reach out to your County Representative, Arlyn Bradshaw, at or by calling 385-468-7454.

Road Use

  • In early July, Clayco received approval to use 3200 West as a heavy haul truck bypass route, which rerouted most trucks away from 2200 West.
  • This detour will continue to be used through approximately mid to late November 2023.
  • Limited truck traffic may continue to exit the work site on 2200 West to the north through late September.
  • A new road along 2900 West is part of Scannell Construction’s phase 2 of development.
  • The permit for the construction of the road on 2900 West is on pause until the unincorporated County land is annexed into the City.
  • Council staff will be briefing the Council about this issue to find a solution forward.

Construction Update from Scannell

  • Warehouse construction continues to progress. 
  • Installation of windows, louvers, and overhead bay doors continues on the first building.
  • Roofing and steel erection are underway on the second building. 
  • A helicopter lift is planned for November 18-19 to install rooftop units on buildings. 
  • Clayco crews are nearing sewer and water line installations in front of 2200 West residences. 
  • Starting the week of November 6th, utility work is expected to progress northward.
  • Traffic control will progress incrementally north with the utility work, with a combination of flaggers and traffic signals. 
  • Salt Lake City Police will be monitoring all activities to mitigate any safety issues.
  • Weather permitting, crews plan to complete utility installation to 2950 North by the end of the year. 
  • Paving will be completed incrementally in sections if weather permits. 
  • As construction progresses, crews will install water service laterals to residences, which will require temporary water service interruptions. 48-hour advance notice will be provided to residents beforehand.
  • Residential driveways will be maintained, but with utility installations underway on the west side of the road, residents are advised to use caution when existing driveways.
  • Crews will maintain as much pavement as possible adjacent to residences on the east side of the road. This pavement will be used as the single travel lane in the work zone until paving completion. 
  • Access will continue to be maintained for mail, garbage, and other service vehicles.
  • Roadwork includes:  
    • Full-depth reconstruction
    • Minor widening (on the west side of the road)
    • Utility upgrades (culinary water, sanitary sewer, street lighting)
    • Curb
    • Gutter
    • Sidewalk
    • Bike lane
    • Landscaped berm
  • Rocky Mountain Power is upgrading its power lines, and Dominion Energy is installing an intermediate gas service line for the development.
  • Berm installation along the west side of 2200 West is expected to be completed in summer 2024 after Dominion decommissions its old gas line.
  • Contact Scannell’s Public Information Coordinator, Andy Neff, at 385-243-0673 with any concerns about the construction project.


Sewer estimates: Salt Lake City Public Utilities Development Office: 801-483-6727.

General sewer installation questions: Salt Lake City Public Utilities Department: 801-483-6900.

Construction concerns: Scannell’s Public Information Coordinator: Andy Neff: 385-243-0673

Noise/night work concerns: Salt Lake County Health Department: 385-468-4100.

Salt Lake County Council Member Arlyn Bradshaw: or 385-468-7454. 

Council Member Victoria Petro: or 801-535-7723.

Report your City-related concerns using the mySLC website. This sends your request directly to the department which is best equipped to help you. You can also download the SLC Mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and make an online report from there.

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