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Northpoint Small Area Plan

The Latest 

The Council is reviewing the Northpoint Small Area Plan. A briefing was held at the Council’s Feb. 21 meeting and a public hearing was held on March 7. Scroll down to learn more about the Northpoint Small Area Plan and watch the Feb. 21 discussion.

What is the Northpoint Small Area Plan? 

If approved, the Northpoint Small Area Plan will help guide future growth in the northwest part of Salt Lake City. The area is approximately between the Salt Lake City International Airport and the northern SLC boundary line. 

The previous plan for this area was first adopted in 2000. The updated plan is in response to the growth in the area and recent land annexations of nearby unincorporated land.  

Project Area Map

Map courtesy of SLC Planning 

Future Development and Growth 

The plan seeks to balance the needs of the SLC Airport, agriculture, wildlife habitats, and property rights as the area continues growing. As part of this balance, the plan recommends limiting distribution (or logistic) business in this area. 

The Planning Commission recommended removing the limit on distribution land uses in this area. The Planning Commission also recommended expanding a wetland buffer from 200 feet, as initially proposed, to 300 feet. 

Mayor Mendenhall submitted a letter to the City Council urging the council to keep the limitation on distribution uses in the plan. 

Map courtesy of SLC Planning 

What will the plan do?  

  • Identify the best land uses that can coexist with the Salt Lake City International Airport. 
  • Identify necessary infrastructure for the area, including utilities and roadways.  
  • Identify appropriate transportation options to link future employment opportunities to nearby areas. 
  • Identify strategies to reduce the impacts on agriculture, the environment, and wildlife within the area. 
  • Recommend methods to reduce negative impacts future growth may have on air quality, water quality, noise, and light. 

Learn more about the Northpoint Small Area Plan by reading the draft plan here.  

Next steps  

The Council will consider action on this plan at a future meeting. Input may still be shared anytime online, by email at, or by phone at 801-535-7654.

March 7, 2023 – Public Hearing

The Council held a public hearing on the proposed Plan, where over 60 people spoke and voiced opinions about future development, impacts to existing property owners and environment, services and new amenities that will be needed, and desired ecological protections.  

The Council will consider action on this plan at a future meeting.

Feb. 21, 2023 – Work Session Briefing

The Council received a briefing on the proposed Northpoint Small Area Plan, which focuses on land north of the SLC Airport along the 2200 West corridor. Council Members raised questions about the impact future development may have on traffic, air quality, noise, the environment, and to people living and working in the area.  

As a small area plan, this will guide how future zoning and land use may evolve and can also designate wetland and waterway buffer areas.    

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