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The Westside – Fairpark, Glendale, Poplar Grove

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Recently Completed Projects

  • Folsom Trail Project

    Folsom Trail Project

    The Folsom Trail is an off-street, paved walking and bicycling path that will follow a former rail corridor from 500 West at North Temple to 1000 West, and hopefully, in the future, all the way to the Jordan River Bridge and Fisher Mansion near 200 South. […]

  • Three Creeks Confluence

    Three Creeks Confluence

    Situated in the Glendale neighborhood (1300 South 900 West), the Three Creeks Confluence is where three major tributaries—Red Butte Creek, Emigration Creek, and Parleys Creek—join the Jordan River. […]

Current Projects

  • 858 W & 860 W Hoyt Place Zoning Map Amendment 

    858 W & 860 W Hoyt Place Zoning Map Amendment 

    The Council is reviewing a request to rezone two properties at 858 West and 860 West Hoyt Place. […]

  • Glendale Regional Park Vision Plan

    Glendale Regional Park Vision Plan

    Salt Lake City is redeveloping the old Raging Waters/Seven Peaks site to better serve the community as a regional park. […]

  • Residential Street Reconstruction

    Residential Street Reconstruction

    In 2021 and 2022, the City will be treating and resurfacing 28 residential roadways, as part of an effort to maintain and extend the functional lives of streets. […]

  • 9-Line Improvement Project

    9-Line Improvement Project

    Salt Lake City has begun the reconstruction of 900 South from 900 West to Lincoln Street (945 East). As part of the project, the 9-Line Trail corridor will be an attractive, safe, and inclusive place for neighbors, businesses, and street users. […]

My Westside

  • Linda & Mark S.

    Linda & Mark S.

    You can’t “beet” the westside! We love gardening in our large westside garden. We also love the vibrant energy here. This is the sort of spirited community where residents proudly wear t-shirts naming their community. (What other communities are doing that?!) We also love riding our tandem along the amazing Jordan River Parkway just two […]

  • Domingo & Cindy T.

    Domingo & Cindy T.

    “My family, being new to the “West Side” of Salt Lake City, enjoy living in an well-lit community. When we moved to the area we noticed that the street we had moved onto could use another street lamp given that it was extremely dark in our area. I called the streets department and no sooner […]

  • Dino M.

    “What I love about my neighborhood is the culture diversity of the people that live here. And the squirrels that we feed.” ~ Dino M.

  • Edica L.

    “What I love about my neighborhood is the location of the area I live in. I live in Poplar Grove and I love the fact that I live less than 2 miles away from downtown. As a young adult, it’s the best because I can attend all of the fun concerts and nightlife activities without […]

Information & Resources

  • Op-Ed: Train Traffic

    Op-Ed: Train Traffic

    It’s a scene all too familiar to my constituents: Traffic comes to a screeching halt at the 800, 900, and 1000 West rail crossings. And it’s not the minor inconvenience many of us face in our day-to-day travels. It’s enormous 80-car trains that can block passage for an hour.

  • FY22 City Investments Map

    FY22 City Investments Map

    Take a tour of Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects in Salt Lake City that were funded by the FY22 budget (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022).

  • Pet Encounters: Pet Bites

    Pet Encounters: Pet Bites

    You’re on a walk in the neighborhood with your dog and they unexpectedly bite someone walking by or vice versa. What do you do? […]

  • Traffic Calming Signs

    Traffic Calming Signs

    To encourage drivers to be more mindful of their behaviors when passing through, we are offering free traffic calming yard signs to all District 2 residents. […]

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