Salt Lake City

Council District 2

The Westside – Fairpark, Glendale, Poplar Grove, Downtown

About District 2

District 2 is situated in the southwest corner of Salt Lake City. Westside living is known for its homes with large lots, urban farming and many families. It’s also one of the City’s most diverse communities and features some of the City’s best Mexican and African restaurants.

The International Peace Gardens plays host to the 9th West Farmer’s Market in the summertime and is also a great jumping-off point for an all-day bike ride that can take you along the river for over 50 miles in either direction.

Glendale Neighborhood

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
The Glendale neighborhood is a cultural crossroads in Salt Lake City. The ethnically diverse neighborhood was originally developed as the Glendale Gardens housing project, built to accommodate a large influx of families moving to Utah for the World War II effort. [...]

Poplar Grove Neighborhood

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
Poplar Grove, the second largest neighborhood in Salt Lake City, got its name in the late 1800s after the Edwin Rushton family planted a grove of trees in the area. Poplar Grove enjoys a vibrant multi ethnic environment. The Spanish influence is recognizable in the locally owned markets and restaurants. [...]

Area Schools

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
Salt Lake City School District’s primary goal is to provide every student with equitable access to high-quality and culturally relevant instruction, curriculum, support, and other educational resources to ensure college and career readiness. [...]

Area Parks

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
Salt Lake City has a history of caring for and stewarding parks dating back to the dedication of the first major public park in the City, Liberty Park, in 1882. It stands as an example of a public park that serves a multitude of uses while preserving urban green space. [...]

Chapman Library

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
The Chapman Library is the only local or national historic site in District2, but it is a unique one. It is Salt Lake City’s only Carnegie library—a library built with funding from the Carnegie Foundation. [...]

Glendale Library

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
The Glendale Branch offers approximately 20,000 square feet of space, making it the largest City Library branch. Special colored concrete and landscaped designs represent the geographic area along the Jordan River, [...]

Community Gardens

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
Community gardens help improve and beautify our communities while growing healthy, organic, local food. District 2 is home to a number of community gardens listed here. [...]

Glendale Golf Course

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
Combined with exceptional views of the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains, Glendale creates the ideal golfing experience. The course offers large, wonderfully maintained greens with lake and wetland lined fairways that attract an abundance of waterfowl. [...]

International Peace Gardens

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
The International Peace Gardens, located on the bank of the Jordan River in Salt Lake City, was founded as a citizenship project and a lesson in peace and understanding between nations. The endeavor is evidence that people from many lands can unite in building a monument to peace. [...]

Three Creeks Confluence

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
Situated in the Glendale neighborhood (1300 South 900 West), the Three Creeks Confluence is where three major tributaries—Red Butte Creek, Emigration Creek, and Parleys Creek—join the Jordan River. [...]

Jordan River Parkway & Trail

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
Winding through Westside neighborhoods, the Jordan River Parkway provides a north / south corridor exclusive to bicyclists and pedestrians. All Westside residents are less than a mile from the river or a neighborhood park with recreation facilities (baseball fields, playgrounds, etc.) and over 80 percent are within a quarter-mile. [...]

North Temple Corridor

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
Prior to the completion of Interstate 80, the North Temple corridor was the primary route to the Salt Lake International Airport. After I‐80 was completed, traffic was able to bypass North Temple in favor of the highway. [...]

River District

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
The River District, also known as the West Side of Salt Lake City, is home to an abundance of successful locally owned small businesses, restaurants, bakeries, specialty stores, urban farmers, natural amenities, and well-connected community partners that make this area a vibrant destination. [...]

Sorenson Unity Center

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
The Sorenson Unity Center is Salt Lake City's civic engagement and community learning center. Located in Glendale, located at 1383 South 900 West, the programming and services provided engage neighbors, creates opportunities, builds community pride, and enhances livability in the City. [...]

9 Line Bike Park

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
The unique bike park, located at 905 South 700 West, is part of the of the 9 Line trail. Encompasses 1.3 acres of recreational amenity the whole community can use. Features include jump lines and a pump track that accommodates beginner, intermediate and advanced users. [...]

9 Line Trail

Posted on:August 10th, 2023
The 9 Line Trail is a linear parkway that currently runs approximately along 900 South between Redwood Road and 700 West, with buffered bike lanes extending the trail to 200 West. Historically, the corridor had been used as the railroad corridor for passenger train arrival to the Salt Lake City Union Depot. [...]

Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Project Areas

Posted on:August 9th, 2023
Redevelopment agencies are a tool used by local governments to implement community development goals. Redevelopment projects are designed to spur additional growth, [...]

Industrial Districts

Posted on:August 8th, 2023
There are three major industrial districts in District 2. The 700 West corridor is a swath of development consisting of mostly industrial uses abutting single-family homes between 800 South and approximately 1400 South. [...]