Salt Lake City

Council District 2

The Westside – Fairpark, Glendale, Poplar Grove

Richard E.

“As a first-time home buyer, I selected a place in the Poplar Grove area in 1999. My place was located next to the (at that time) abandoned 9th South Railroad Line. I even contacted the railroad company before I purchased the house and was informed that yes, that line had been abandoned. So I bit the bullet and signed up for a 30 year mortgage.

I’m sure you can imagine how disappointed and frustrated I was when Union Pacific activated the line again; I would have sold the place but because of the railroad line being active again, I would have suffered a tremendous loss had I been able to sell the house.

Anyways, I stuck it out and FINALLY. the railroad line was once again deactivated and the actual rails and trackbed wooden logs were ripped up and removed.

Now, with the change of the 9th South railroad line to a city owned walkway, life is much better for me and my family. I do enjoy the walkway very much.” ~ Richard E.

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