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Addressing Homelessness in SLC

Addressing Homelessness in SLC

Homelessness is the state of lacking access to housing or residing in unstable, irregular, or inadequate living conditions, with diverse root causes that vary significantly among individuals, including mental illness, addiction, and severe health conditions.

This past January, I joined hundreds of volunteers participating in Salt Lake County’s 2024 Point-in-Time (PIT) Count. Communities nationwide conduct annual PIT Counts to better understand how many individuals are experiencing homelessness on a given night and use this data to determine the resources needed for effective intervention.

Current Initiatives

Winter Response Plan

Salt Lake County and its partners implemented the 2023-24 Winter Response Plan County-wide, adding over 600 beds and additional shelter, support, and resources for the winter season.

Sanctioned Camping Pilot Program

The Temporary Microshelter Community, a sanctioned camping pilot program, provides up to 50 individuals with safe, private living spaces, showers, food, case management, and other essential needs through community partners.


Opportunities for those interested in getting involved include volunteering at homeless shelters, donating, and becoming educated advocates for the cause. Find more information about these opportunities and initiatives at

Together, we can make strides in addressing homelessness and creating a more supportive and compassionate community.

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