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Popperton Park

Popperton Park

Location: 360 North Popperton Park Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

The Popperton Park Trailhead is located on the north side of the road adjacent to the existing Popperton Plots Community Garden and the Popperton Park Open Space. This location represents a major confluence of trails between the central and south Foothills, Dry Creek Canyon, and Popperton Park, as well as the urban interface with the eastern Avenues neighborhood and the University of Utah. The existing City-managed Popperton Park directly to the west has 35 striped perpendicular parking spots (2 of which are ADA compliant) with an athletics field, playground, art installation, and a bike repair station. The existing Popperton Open Space has 11 parallel parking spots which will be replaced during this project.

The Popperton Park Trailhead will include:

  • paved perpendicular parking for 46 designated spaces including 2 designated ADA spaces
  • rope and timber fencing and irrigated landscaping
  • a welcome plaza with a trailhead information kiosk
  • a “Be WILD” care station including dog waste bags, waste receptacles, invasive weed cleaning brush
  • a precast concrete plumbed, two-toilet restroom with a water fountain
  • crosswalks and traffic-calming infrastructure
  • reserved space for possible Popperton Community Garden expansion
  • picnic table, benches, and shade sail structure
  • bioswale, green infrastructure area
  • 4 bike racks (designed by SLC Arts Council installation) and a bike maintenance station
  • additional landscaping, trees, and benches on the south side of Popperton Park Way

Note: Additional wayfinding and regulation signage may be added before or during trailhead construction at N. Virginia Street, Fairfax Road, and Dry Creek paved trail access.

Existing Conditions

Conceptual Design

These documents are under “100% review” as of June 1, 2023, and will be finalized with input from all City departments by the end of the month. Finalized construction documents will be included in bid documents created by the Engineering Division who will select contractors for the trailhead projects in collaboration with the Public Lands Department. Contractors should be selected and contracts completed this summer so that construction should occur at a TBD timeline from August to December 2023.

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