Salt Lake City

Public Lands Department


Be W.I.L.D. — Salt Lake City.

Celebrate the beauty of our Public Lands while fostering community connection and responsibility. Dive into the diverse parks and open spaces our city boasts and join us in making our shared outdoor spaces more vibrant and cherished.

W — Welcome

Explore and Enjoy Your Public Space

Salt Lake City’s parks, trails & natural lands, urban forest, and golf courses provide unique outdoor public spaces that embrace diversity, inclusivity, and the shared environment of nature. Be respectful as you enjoy these spaces within our community!

I — Inclusive spaces

Our Public Lands are for Everyone to Share

Our public lands are for everyone to share. Be aware and respectful of all visitors and their needs. Learn the use guidelines and expectations for specific spaces to support a welcoming and inclusive environment.

L — Limit your impact

Be Aware of the Impact of Your Feet, Wheels, and Paws

We are visitors in these community spaces. Let’s leave them better than we found them. If you bring it with you, make sure it leaves with you. Be aware of the impact of your feet, wheels, and paws.

D — Do what you can

We Can All Do Our Part through Volunteer & Stewardship

We can all do our part through volunteering and stewardship. If we can give a little time and effort to our community spaces, they will remain places of refuge and rejuvenation now and for years to come. Learn more at

Salt Lake City Park Ranger Program

Park Rangers can provide more information about the Be WILD campaign. They’ll help connect you with volunteer opportunities, understand trail and park etiquette, and welcome you to new spaces in your neighborhood.